So, you could still produce eggs, right?

Let’s start with a non-sequitur.

There is something about getting tipsy on wine in an airport after too little sleep and a heap of stress.  I don’t recommend it. Especially if the flight you wish were earlier (leading to the tipsy state) is apt to get delayed.  Ugh.

The LP and I travelled to The Clinic today to get my saline ultrasound – sonohysterogram for those who like the med-speak – and tally of my resting follicles. Turns out the old lady cave is “textbook perfect” (meaning no fibroids, polyps, scars or other nasty-sounding imperfections).  Good news there.

Not as good news on the follicle front.  We only saw 6 between my two batwings (ovaries for you anatomy majors).  Average for my vintage but less than I would have liked to see. In typical man fashion, the LP said when I later explained that this could be an indicator that I may not make many eggs during IVF, “so, you could still produce eggs, right?”

Bless him and his glass-half-full perspective on all of this.

By way of context, the LP had come in for the show then nearly fainted.  So conspicuously that the RE and his sidekick were regularly checking to ensure the LP didn’t crack his face open on the tiled floor during the brief procedure.  All of this to say he didn’t really follow the program at the time it was originally aired.  I should have known this. He barely remained conscious during the delivery our one success story on this fertility journey to date.

Then we (I) got to practice injecting a hockey puck designed for injection teaching with fake gonadotropins.  That was plenty of fun!  I am rather looking forward to the whole injection part. Not being pumped full of simulated hormones but wielding some degree of control in this process. I will be a Puregon pen wielding priestess of power!

In other news, given my crap antral follicle count , I will be on the maximum dose of the fake-FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) as an aggressive attempt to boost my aged, sluggish ovaries into high gear. Let’s hope that works.

We are still a month away from my priestess of power stint but I am getting excited and hopeful (and scared of failure but trying to  manage that anxiety). It is good to have a plan.  I pray it works.





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