Mandalas for/from our Spirit Baby

This week has been sheer madness – I’m too scared to say anything yet so more on that perhaps in future post(s) – but thankfully it all started last Sunday with a peaceful 3-hour art class I attended entitled “Making Mandalas.”  I made several mandalas, all of which were in some way inspired by and a tribute to our spirit baby, Azulito (little blue). 

Below is my favourite, made with oil pastels and love. 


We  miss you and hope to see you soon, Azulito. 




6 thoughts on “Mandalas for/from our Spirit Baby

  1. Your mandala is absolutely gorgeous! It looks pulsing with life. Wow. Love to see more of your work.

    I love mandalas. When I thought I was going to become an art therapist, I studied and created mandalas. Have you seen Carl Jung’s The Red Book? The mandals inside it are mind-blowing.

    By the way thank you so much for all of your positive vibes and wishes my lovely—it worked! So far so good.

    • Thank you so much, your support means so much!

      I haven’t seen The Red Book. Was a pysch major for my first 3 years as an undergrad. Then switched to a minor. That feels like another lifetime ago. The art teacher actually quoted Jung in her intro now that I think about it… coupled with your comment, clearly a sign that I should look at it, thanks for the reminder!

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