Wish Us Luck!

Much has happened in the past few weeks.  We signed up wholesale with our former IVF clinic to use frozen donor eggs through their donor conception program.  All along I wondered about calling some other clinics, looking at some other options, but procrastination took hold and there was something holding me back. 

Then one day I added up all of the costs (after paying our initial $750 fee to our existing clinic of course, which is non-refundable. Of course).  And I weighed out the success rates, considered how few frozen egg cycles our clinic has done (2 when I first inquired a couple of months ago, one successful, one resulting in a miscarriage).  I called another clinic.  In another country.

As luck would have it, the doctor who owns and runs that clinic offered us a range of options after reviewing our history (our existing clinic was good enough to send records the same day I asked – a true surprise from my perspective).  We have elected to proceed, paid a huge sum of money I can’t even record here because it makes my stomach churn and… are heading to the clinic this weekend to deposit some swimmers because our top choice of donors just happens to be cycling (retrieval is next week but the LP can’t travel then).  Our choice was to create blastocysts for freezing and frozen embryo transfer (FET) later rather than sychronize my cycle to a donor’s so this has seemed all together too serendipitous (or a perfect show of synchronicity). 

I truly and rather desperately hope this turn of events is a good sign (and not a sign that we have gone completely bonkers).  And even more desperately, I hope the pressure is not too much for the LP this weekend.   I am praying the stars align here if they are meant to (and I’m hoping they are – detachment is out the window here!).

Please wish us luck!



15 thoughts on “Wish Us Luck!

  1. I’ve been wanting to write to say how excited I am for you about the DE journey! It sounds like the forces might be converging to make your blessed little baby, good luck and all the love in the world to you and your LP!

    • Thank you for your unflagging enthusiasm and support. I hope the timing is divine… It’s amazing how many opportunities this journey affords us to face our own impotence and the need to breathe and let go after setting our intentions.

      Just booked my first body works appt by the way – thanks for the tip! I hope it is as helpful for me as you have found it to be.

  2. I was googling Santa Monica Fertility and ran across this blog. We will be traveling from out of state for a frozen DE cycle. How did you feel about the clinic? Any recs on where to stay? I wish you lots of luck.

    • Hello and thank you for reading. So far, yes, I would recommend it. They have gone out of their way for us so far and this is a vastly different experience than our old clinic (which is much larger and very polished, has good stats but we had no success there and I saw my RE twice during all of my monitoring and procedures in 2 cycles we did there). I’ve had reassuring emails from the SMF RE late at night and he arranged for the embryologist to meet us at the clinic when it was closed for a procedure. Who offers that kind of flexible service in any field anymore, let alone this cash-grab industry?

      We stayed next door to the clinic at the less-than-glamorous but clean and not unpleasant Comfort Inn on Santa Monica Blvd at the RE’s suggestion because there was a chance we would need to be there early two mornings in a row. The clinic website has other suggestions but I would likely stay there again for convenience sake. They also offer 15% off for clinic patients. We just used AAA instead as I booked online last minute.

      We are doing a fresh retrieval and FET (hopefully) with the donor we had chosen for a frozen egg cycle because she happened to be cycling. The odds are better with fresh but still pretty good with frozen. Good luck!

      If you want to discuss more please email me – spirit.baby.please.come.home@gmail.com.

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