The Smallest Perfect Number

I’m no math expert, but I do know one thing.  Six is the smallest perfect number.  And today, of all days, 6 is all that and more. 

I got a report from our new reproductive endocrinologist (I must confess to being both surprised and enthralled by the fact that he updates me personally instead of having either a nurse or the embryologist call or e-mail me) telling me that all 6 of our 6 eggs fertilized.  In his words: “Good start.”

There were no extra eggs for us after stripping for ICSI.  I’m okay with that and I took it as a sign to have faith and stop trying to control what I cannot.  Onward and upward!

Onward, in fact, to Step 4 of The Plan: growing those embryos into blastocysts.  I am setting my intentions and praying to the Universe, God, Spirit and all things more powerful than myself that we get at least 2 blasts.  We will only transfer one at a time (barring a recommendation to the contrary from our RE) but I’d like a back-up plan in case the unthinkable happens with frozen embryo transfer (FET) numero uno.

We will get “a full report” by next Thursday.  I think that’s code for “stop harassing my Patient Coordinator, Ms. SpiritBabyComeHome, about how things are going”.  What can I say?  I’m a natural born worrier.  I can’t seem to come into contact with any healers who don’t blurt out within 15 seconds of meeting me or shaking my hand “You are a thinker. Wow, you think a lot.”  I really should have two heads, because anyone who spend as much time in a place as I do there ought to have a usual home and a cottage or vacation home.  It only seems fair. 

I could throw up, I’m so sick with both excitement and worry.  But I will spend the next 6 days (or less – there is always the possibility of things going south, believe me, I know) re-dedicating myself to meditation, exercise, art-making and heaps of work (amen for being busy this past week, let’s hope that continues).  Today I’m taking my usually-estranged brother out for lunch in exchange for a favour.  Then I may take the little person in our lives out to a movie.  It’s snowing, so my plan to go for a huge hike is out of the question, the little person doesn’t fare so well on slippery terrain yet.

Thank you to everyone for your support and love and hope.  For today, everything is perfect.  A perfect 6.


11 thoughts on “The Smallest Perfect Number

  1. This just might be the perfect day before THE perfect day! I absolutely love this post. I will fervently visualize cells dividing and multiplying with beautiful geometrical precision for the next 6 days and hope for the next perfect post. And way to go to the LP for coming through!! So very happy for you and I love that you are enjoying (in agony) this quiet period of wonder, joy, and possibility.

  2. Yay perfect 6! I’m so happy to hear this! Praying so hard they all make it to blastocyst hon. I will be thinking of and praying for you throughout the next 6 days. Go embies go!

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