Hello, Sunshine!

It has been an interesting couple of days.  I flew south to begin monitoring for our natural FET yesterday.  Today was monitoring appointment number one (more on that in a moment).

It was so sunny when I got here, I decided to walk everywhere I had to go yesterday and today.  As a result, I’ve now walked about 9 miles, about 5 of them while lugging heavy stuff.  I’m tired and have some blisters but remain deeply grateful for the natural vitamin D and the intoxicating aroma of life blooming, bountiful and bright that I witnessed  All kinds of blossoms line the residential sidewalks here and they are heavenly! (I’ve rented a teeny studio apartment for the time I’ll be here and I have chosen residential streets whenever practical because they smell so good!)

The monitoring appointment was relatively uneventful. Translation: no bad news! 
On my walk to the clinic, I felt one of my ovaries saying hello.  Not the friendliest of hellos, more like “HELLO! I AM HERE, HAD YOU NOTICED?”  I noticed.  I thought for sure that would be the ovary with the dominant follicle that will ultimately be released. 


I have two follicles growing with no drugs to prompt them, one at 13.5 mm (the one announcing its presence during this morning’s walk) and the other at 14.5 mm.  This prompted the RE to note that my ovaries are “fairly active” this cycle.  Of course they are, why wouldn’t they be when I’m no longer relying on them to get this job done?  He wants to check the dominant one again on Monday and if it’s reached the size he thinks it will and my lining looks reasonable we will either trigger ovulation or, if my LH surge has shown up already, we will let nature take its course and transfer will be either Sunday, May 18 or Monday, May 19, 2014. 

I’m not keen on the Ovidrel injection to force ovulation so we can fix the transfer date with certainty.  I’d rather let my body do her own thing, though not because I think the hCG trigger shot is particularly sinister or likely to mess with me too badly.  In part, I don’t want to have it in my system to be messing with any early home tests I may want (or be compelled by my borderline POAS OCD) to pee on.  But more than that, I want my body to do what she clearly knows how to do without intervention.  However, the precision may have its advantages and the hCG may help my uterus as well as maturing the dominant follicle (or both, depending what happens to #2 by Monday) prepare for the transfer.  I don’t know other than it was not my first choice.  However, I didn’t say anything to the RE today because when he saw me lean forward to speak he said “we can decide on Monday”. 

My uterine lining was somewhere above 6 mm (the RE was pretty casual about that saying it looked fine and he had no concerns. This was at cycle day 7, so I can live with that though I’m going to keep visualizing it growing fluffier and more perfect as we get closer to ovulation and transfer).

I also met the awesome acupuncturist who works with this RE.  She was fantastic!  After she placed all the necessary needles, she asked me a bunch of questions that led to me telling her half of my life story and lots about my mom and the things about her mothering that have shaped my own (thank you, Mom.  Have I mentioned how much I miss you lately?).  The price tag for this visit was high but my appointment was almost 2 hours so I am not complaining.  She gave me some awesome food suggestions as well for inflammation-reducing foods, foods that help build lining and foods for supporting our bodies’ natural progesterone-making activity post-transfer, as well as referring me to a neat culinary blog.  All in all, a fantastic appointment!

I polished off my FET-monitoring adventure with a long walk back to the little rented studio I’m temporarily calling home.  I got back feeling drunk on Spring blossoms and sunshine, deeply grateful and brimming with hope.

13 thoughts on “Hello, Sunshine!

  1. Yay! Sounds charming! And I’m with you on the HCG shot (I actually worry that it messes things up) but then it’s such a b*tch to time and coordinate the procedure without it, right? Anyhow, either way you will be PUPO in just a few short days! Woot! XO

    • I worry, too. I don’t think it is too hard, just means more monitoring and drs usually like the easier and cheaper for them solution (and it is cheaper for them too motor less if it’s a fixed price situation as IVF or IUI is by this point). Maybe I’m too cynical but that won’t change!

      • I’m with both of you on the HCG. Only good thing this month I think I felt myself ovulate. I love the fresh air and outdoor time you are getting. Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing Mondays update.

        • How exciting you felt it – I love when that happens! I am trying to let go about the hCG because stressing about it won’t help. I will tell the RE my concerns and see what happens Monday. Maybe this will all be moot by then?

  2. Yay!! I’m so excited for you! I’m sending you and your embryos so many positive thoughts for next weekend!

  3. Better late than never—I’m slow as molasses in January at getting to my blogroll lately, but so glad to hear you sounding so wonderful and sunny! Your RE workds with an acupuncturist, ooo fancy! Sounds like you are in very good hands. Very hopeful for you…xx

    • Ha ha! Not to worry. Thanks for stopping by, late is just fine.

      The acupuncturist actually works with a couple of clinics. I wonder if that means she has no home base, I would not like that but she seems very even-keeled and interestingly got into acupuncture all those moons ago after her mom (daughter of a western medicine doc) created a perfect ill-health storm by overmedicating her growing up. End result was her looking at modalities to heal without the western drugs. She is very wise about food benefits, which I really liked as well. The needles were a side show to all of the other knowledge she laid on me!

  4. This sounds like such a wonderful trip and you seem to be in a great place. I’m hoping your lovely lining is becoming a thick, lush and irresistibly comfy bed for your eager little embie, and that this is the week of a lifetime for you and the LP!

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