We Have a Date!

This time next week I will be 16 days pregnant.  Ah, the wonders of modern science.

Our frozen embryo transfer will be Tuesday morning next week (May 20, 2014 to be exact).  I am EXCITED!  And totally freaking out, but mostly excited.  Today is the first day I have begun to embrace excitement. 

This morning I looked in the mirror and said “I am 9 days pregnant.”  Why?  Because I need to believe this is really happening.  Not some time in the future, on transfer day (because I hate what that acronym, PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) portends (as in the possibility of being proven otherwise)), and not even on beta day.  Right now. 

Right this minute, I am pregnant.  Hear me roar.



22 thoughts on “We Have a Date!

    • Do it! There is a ton of research behind this. Saying your affirmations in the present, believing you are already the person you want to be (pregnant, duh!). The mind body connection is a powerful thing. I’m 10 days pregnant today. And you are…? Did they give you a date at your last monitoring? Gosh I think we will be on really close timelines. That would be so awesome!

  1. Yes you are!! I’m so excited for you hon! I’ll be thinking about you and sending extra positive thoughts your way on Tues! But like you said, you’re already pregnant 🙂

    • Ha ha. Weird to read that coming from someone else, but I’m going to roll with this new mantra.

      How was today? Or are you still waiting? I’m on eggshells though as I said, have a great feeling….

  2. Cant wait to find out how it all went! Going to try and get your positive attitude going for myself. Talked to Dr Jain will be headed down end of June.

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