I Told You I Was Not Mad (or making this up)!

That’s what I’d like to tell my doctor.  I saw her yesterday and today I got the first 4 of the 6 lab results she ordered at my request.

My immunoglobulins are going bananas:

  • IGe is 940kU/L (max. normal is 120)  
  • IgG is high normal (13.11g/L, normal range is 6.94-16.18)
  • IgA is also toward the higher range of normal (2.87g/L, normal range is 0.70-4.00)

Also, my TSH is 3.17 (it was 1.55 one year ago after our first two early losses last year).

This is BAD.  I’m upset.  Really upset.  No wonder my body is spitting out or killing slowly every single baby we conceive. 

Now the *F* what?

Seeing my doctor later this week to ask her what she would do normally apart from telling me to take Singulaire, which she prescribed yeterday.  It’s not a steriod and it will not fix these numbers above on its own, even I know that.  But that was her advice fed to me through the nurse today in a note. 

Crap.  Crap crap crap. 

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got here.


21 thoughts on “I Told You I Was Not Mad (or making this up)!

  1. Ugh. I hate the feeling of should haves and what ifs. So sorry you are dealing with all of this. I hope your doctor can shed some light on what these might mean to go with all that you already know. Thinking about you.

  2. I have no witty comment, as I feel silly admitting this, but I don’t even know what those test results convey… I’m beginning to wonder if I need to ask for them! But, the positive is you know the results, and issues are much easier to fix if you’re aware of them, so one step closer!

    • If you don’t have immune issues or any reason to suspect them, you would have no reason to know what these mean. Immunoglobulins levels are like measuring antibodies in your blood – they are indicative of your immune system’s level of functioning; if the levels are normal, all should be good. Elevated levels can be indicative of infection, autoimmune disease or parasites, depending on the type (there is some overlap). The IgE is often associated with allergies, asthma, parasite and autoimmune disease. It is an indicator that my body is reactive to something that’s triggering my immune system; the trigger is unknown and that’s what is bumming me out.

      I’ve been trying to have a baby and facing losses since 2009/10 and I never had this test done before because I never suspected an immunological component to my recurrent losses until recently when I stopped buying the line that it’s all my old, bad eggs.

    • MLACS!! I am so glad to hear from you, thank you.

      I would completely agree with you if my silly doctor was not fighting me about even getting back in to see her for a referral to an immunologist like I asked yesterday (she didn’t want to do that, saying they wouldn’t look at RPL issues for me). I don’t freakin’ care if they don’t look at RPL issues at this point, I want someone to help me figure out what is causing my immunological meltdown and how to treat it so I can deal with the fertility crap-o-la on my own or with our current RE’s help.

      I like my doctor except when she makes me pull teeth…. her office called me twice after I made my appointment for tomorrow and two different people left messages asking why on earth I was booking another appointment with her. WTH??? BECAUSE THAT IS MY RIGHT AND BECAUSE SINGULAIR WILL NOT SOLVE THIS S***STORM? Duh… This more than anything today has made me feel so frustrated and unsupported and brushed off. I get the sense my doc is telegraphing something along the lines of “Go take this useless drug and stop reminding me I’m not qualified to help you with a problem I feel crappy but don’t want to think about.” Her chosen practice area despite being a general practitioner is fertility, pre- and post-natal care. So even though this is outside of her experience, I’d hoped she would be keen to help me and not act like I’m just annoying. [Insert gobs of curse words and tears of frustration and grief here.]

      Sorry, I know you get this better than anyone most likely, I’m just upset and feeling incredibly let down, sad about the what-ifs and generally pissed off.

      In a fit of self-advocacy, I have sent notes to our RE and my TCM Dr and other acupuncturist so everyone is aware and can share their recommendations, if they have any, before I stalk my Dr’s office. I’m going to keep reminding myself about your Oscar comment here… 😉

      Huge thanks and hugs, I really appreciate you.

      • Yeah I *totally* get it–you are where I was last year “somebody help me so I don’t lose another baby…NOW! Goddammit!” I didn’t need referrals for my insurance, but I knew no one in Las Vegas so I had to “hunt” down the best docs with no guidance (save for google) and then getting in to see them…3 or 4 months wait?! I couldn’t wait. I called the Rheumatologist EVERY DAY until I scored a cancelation. I was consumed with finding out WHAT was wrong–there were multiple issues so I wanted to know HOW they were related (and really only holistic docs will connect the dots, regular docs act like your ankle has nothing to do with your elbow)–and then HOW to fix everything (this is when I found out I was hypothyroid, ANA+, etc.)
        I know it’s SO hard, advocating, waiting, searching…it’s a process and it suuuuuucks. *hugs* This too shall pass (but if I’m being honest, it’ll take some patience because it will take awhile for this health crisis to unravel and get properly sorted). Try to stay calm (I know, it’s hard, but you know what to do to soothe yourself). *hugs* XOXO

        • Funny you suggest calm. Last night I said to the LP that I wish they could just put me in a medical coma for the next several months until I can get in to see someone who may help me get this sorted out. Specialists here won’t see ANYONE without a referral, period. It’s infuriating. And I feel so heartbroken already by this point, a growing part of me just wants to give the heck up but now I cannot. I can give up on having another child; I cannot give up on my own health, which is clearly in some kind of low-grade crisis, so there is no giving up on that regardless of whether I ditch the baby dream once and for all. I *hate* this. Thanks for your support and understanding.

  3. Have you ever had an inclinations of any auto-immune diseases? That seems to be the common theme across the results. Hope it’s a no, but you never know. Even somewhat negative results can often give you more insight and direction than you had before.

    • I’ve had all of the usual RPL auto-immune testing (clotting, factor v, lupus, APA, etc.) except MTHFR and I’m on methyl folate anyway now so I’m not so fussed about the last one. I did ask for ANA and ATA, which we’re still waiting on. IgE is correlated sometimes with auto-immune conditions but more commonly with allergies/asthma/parasites. I want a referral to an immunologist because that’s really where I think I need to be now that we have today’s results. I’m also hoping maybe our RE has some suggestions (still waiting on a response, only wrote to him tonight).

      I’m hopeful for your consult – coming soon! Sorry about the crap you’re going through right now. Limbo sucks and yet we seem to be in it so often. 😦

      • Yes, I do not know where the Fuck my period is. In the past 3 years I’ve only had 1 cycle this late and it was a super stressful month. I have no logical explanation this time… Seems to be that’s common in infertility too. Hope you get some answers before the weekend. 🙂

    • Thank you for the hope. The worms are stressful, my doctor’s attitude of “go away and take this pill that will do NOTHING and stop making appointments with me” is what is really crushing at this point. Because up until now she’s been the only insured source of help and referrals we have. I just want to cry and throat punch someone at the same time. I have an answer – that only raises more questions and most importantly needs a solution and my doctor does not want to work earnestly with me or refer me to someone who can help me get answers to those questions or find those solutions. Argh!

      • So utterly frustrating and devastating
        😦 conventional medicine – so brilliant and yet so short sighted when someone doesn’t fit in a box so easily! Wish I had some advice for you, but immunity and fertility issues seems to be a path not travelled by many. Thinking of you and sending big hugs xxx

        • You’re right, there are not lots of women (thankfully) who are stuck in this abyss but there are some and they’re really helpful (MLACS being a fine example). Thank you for the thoughts and hugs. I’m now on steroids to calm my immune system, the dose is high so I don’t feel quite myself generally but the symptoms of immune system hyper-stimulation are already shifting slightly (I’m only on day 3), so I think this was the right decision. So much for trying again soon but I need to be well before I even think about making any more babies.

  4. I do hope this is the beginning of actual answers, instead of more questions. Can you find a different doctor who might have a shorter wait period? Can you get on a cancellation list? Can you see your primary care doc for a referral? I’m sure this is SUPER frustrating, so I hope you’re taking care of yourself mentally. I have found those guided meditations to help me fall asleep at night during tough times… Sending love and calm vibes.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, I’ve nodded off to many a guided meditation myself over the past 4 years! 😉

      I’m working on the other list of items you’ve noted. One foot in front of the other…

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