Cautionary Addendum

Yesterday I posted about probiotics, fertility and immune system function. Upon making a further discovery today I feel compelled to caveat yesterday’s post with a link to Dr. Jeffrey Braverman’s blog post cautioning against random ingestion of probiotics without a proper immune work up.

Seeing as how I have an initial phone consult with Dr. B next week and I only started taking (non-dairy) probiotics this morning, I will be following his advice and holding off with any more probiotic supplements for the time being. I am no doctor and I’m not here giving anyone advice but if anyone else is on the fence plan and facing possible immune-related fertility issues you may wish to talk to your doctor.


8 thoughts on “Cautionary Addendum

  1. Dr. Braverman will give you supplement recommendations specific to your case and needs. It’s definitely individualized so I’m glad you made a disclaimer. Looking forward to hearing about your consult with Dr. B.

  2. Interesting! Thanks for the update. I was going to reply to your comment and tell you that I use the dry capsule form by Jarrow Formulas (2 capsules per day). They’re around $24 on amazon for 120 count. I’ve only noticed good things since I started taking them, and my doctors didn’t see a problem with taking them even now that I’m pregnant. Good to know though!

    • Thank you so much for the supplement information. If one doesn’t have immune issues I don’t know how much harm taking a general probiotic could do. But given what I’ve been through and how sick I was, I am very reluctant to do anything to mess up my immune system further right now. I also want to do as little as possible to skew any test results if we decide to go with the RI for testing and treatment instead of just doing another FET using intra lipids and prayers alone, which is making me nervous at this point.

  3. Hi it’s Natalie, I recommended the non-dairy probiotics to you over at baby center. I am not a doctor and everyone should follow their doctors advice of course but I don’t think the decision to take probiotics or not is rocket science, especially for people like you and me who have over active immune systems. The article Braverman wrote said that you have to be careful not to take anti-inflammatory probiotics if you have a weakened immune system (i.e. the elderly) and you do not want to take inflammatory probiotics if you have an over active immune system and are trying to decrease the inflammation in your body. I asked Dr. Braverman about the Metagenics IB probiotics that I take and he said they are a good anti-inflammatory probiotic. He also had told me that Align is a good anti-inflammatory probiotic but I prefer the probiotics that you keep in the fridge – just a gut feeling. Pun intended 🙂 I can pretty much guarantee you that these would be fine for you to take since you seem to have an over active immune system. But, I definitely understand waiting until you speak with him. Also, I am about as qualified as a magic 8 ball to tell you what supplements to take. So, I agree why not be safe as your results should be back soon. I am curious to know which probiotics he says are good for you, so keep us updated. But, I am pretty sure he will say the Metaginics are fine and that Align are good too.

    • Nat, thank you. I have not cancelled my order for the Metagenics 😉 Yes, I have an over-active immune system that was big on inflammation (just winding down a course of prednisone so it’s been better the past 3 weeks), so that’s why I took the caution in Braverman’s article to heart for the time being. We’ve got a phone consult with him next week and an in-person I just booked a moment ago on the following week, in which I plan to get immune testing done with him (barring a complete freak out by my partner or his complete unavailability to attend that week as we need the HLA matching done). So waiting a week or two to start taking anything isn’t probably going to make a huge difference. I’m really hoping that this whole exercise will have me following in your footsteps soon – hoping all is continuing to go well with your pregnancy. Thanks again for all of your support, information and suggestions!

  4. That sounds like a good plan! My pleasure. Thank you for he encouraging words and I am sending positive thoughts your way for a healthy happy baby ASAP!

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