Very Inspiring Blogger Award

20140726 - Very Inspirational Blogger Award

The lovely My Perfect Breakdown,  Alissa at F*%k Infertility and Johanne at My Hope Jar  very  recognized me and 14 other  bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Thank you, My Perfect Breakdown and F*%k Infertility!  I am both deeply honoured and grateful.  In accepting this recognition, I must do the following 5 things, which shall be done in this post (as I would not want to keep you waiting):

1.  Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you. 

  • Done (above), but you can see more from the prolific My Perfect Breakdown here. You can also discover a little about Alissa, salty-tongued author of F*%k Infertility here. For the few of you who are not already huge fans check out endearing fellow blogger Johanne of My Hope Jar here

2.  List the rules and display the award.

  • You’re soaking in it!

3.  Share seven facts about yourself. 

  • I am a Dog in the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Among my greatest achievements I count birthing a Dragon.
  • I once self-published three tiny booklets of poetry while living abroad and I recently started a poetry blog (but I’m a little shy about that).
  • On the topic of writing, in my first degree I wrote a paper called “Stuff about Smut” in which I discussed theories propounded by French philosopher and social theorist Michel Foucault as applied to images from Hustler, Penthouse and On Our Backs (a lesbian-owned/produced magazine, for those who aren’t familiar). I count this among my great achievements, though nowhere close to birthing a dragon.
  • Sticking with that theme, I have written a novel.  It will never be published but the act of doing it was triumphant.
  • I was once held up at gunpoint on a bus.  It was unhinging.  I praise myself on being very calm at the time despite being in the worst possible location on the bus when it happened (I was on the top stair of the rear exit, where the culprits wanted to get off the bus after holding up everyone on it).  I bawled and shook violently after the driver finally let the teen thugs off the bus.  I moved away from that place not long afterward, realizing I had the luxury of doing so and that I did not want to die like that.  It was my third mugging in 2 years.
  • According to my public library card, I am an information ninja.

4.  Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

  • Yikes.  Fifteen is a large number of people on whose blogs I need to comment.  This is definitely the hardest part of accepting this award!  There are more than 15 bloggers whose writing I really enjoy, but I’ll save those for a future nomination.  I’ve noted where bloggers are and are not pregnant for those of you who have preferences depending on where you’re at today in this regard.
  • I hereby nominate the following in no particular order (except that I’ve put those concurrently nominated at the end to showcase the others who as far as I know are not nominated yet):
    • My Life As a Case Study – one of my all-time favourite human beings and bloggers.  Please check out her blog and keep her in your prayers during this pregnancy.  May it be The One!
    • The Crooked Path Through IVF – Simply put, I love this author, her razor wit and astute observations.  Warning: unlike so many of my blogosphere buddies, this one’s pregnant, too (after a long journey through hell, so don’t begrudge her or my other nominees, please, even if you don’t have any desire to read about another success story at this point).
    • My OBT – Amazing blog about the author’s one beautiful thing (OBT) each day.  This blog has nothing to do with infertility or infant/pregnancy loss and is authored by an awesome NY lesbian.  Her posts make my day on a regular basis.
    • Just Another Infertility Blog – I love and ache for this NYC blogger whose journey to motherhood has been gutted by the loss of her twins last year due to pre-term labour and subsequent first trimester losses. Her blog is candid and sincere and comments are always insightful and inspiring, too. Please check her out and send her your best wishes for success. (Note: Like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • Just One More – I can relate to this blogger intimately, her story mirrors mine in several ways.  Except I hope she never has immune issues. I also hope she is successful in having a second living child.  Please check out her blog – she’s pretty witty despite the crap luck.  (Note: Like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • Where Are You, Number Two? – I really appreciate this blogger and could not say enough good things about her.  She’s from the UK.  Please check out her journey to have a second child. (Note:  Like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • Plan Y – Although I have only recently begun following this author when I recognized my own fertility-related immune issues, I really like her. She’s a cancer survivor who’s trying her best to have a baby despite the odds.  Please check out her blog and join me in wishing her luck with her current pregnancy.
    • Searching for Our Stork – A fertility blog written from the heart by an expat American living in France. (Note: Like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • 2 Lovebirds + 1 More, Please? – I love this author’s candour. I found her after discovering my own reproductive immunological issues and I am so glad I did.  She and her Lovebird are waiting to transfer a PGS-tested embryo to her own or a gestational carrier’s womb… someday. It’s been a long road for this poor blogger.  Please wish her luck.
    • Plan B Chronicles – A self-described single mother by choice, Black professional woman’s journey to motherhood.  The author has immune issues (which I didn’t know when I started following her last year) and is producing a reality-tv program about her journey through IVF.  Please join me in hoping her next round brings home the twin babies for which she is longing. (Note: Like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • The Gayby Project: Making the Next Generation of Fabulous – I’ve only recently begun following the tumultuous, clever and always funny posts of this hopeful couple who are about to get their happy beta #1 news from IVF cycle numero uno.  If you can handle the pregnancy stuff, go check out their unfolding saga!
    • Electric Mystery – Julie Ann is another cancer survivor who could use some support. Her oncologist has given her exactly one year to try to conceive while not on her cancer meds. Julie Ann is brave and lovely – please stop by and check out her blog and egg her on (pun intended). (Note: like me, this blogger is not currently pregnant so safe for those of you who want to avoid those who are.)
    • The Agony and the Ecstasy – This blogger has had a long road to motherhood and is currently on tenderhooks in a new pregnancy that I am hoping and praying will work out.  She’s got relationship difficulties to amplify the heartbreak and anxiety of an already agonizing journey.  I appreciate the rawness of her writing and my heart goes out to her.  Please stop by to wish her luck if you can.
    • My Hope Jar –  Also one of my all-time favourite persons and bloggers. Please also keep Johanne in your prayers that her current pregnancy brings home a healthy, living child.  (Also nominated by My Perfect Breakdown but being one of my favourite people, I am unable not to nominate her!)
    • Awaiting Autumn – I sound like a broken record, but Lindsey is also one of my favourite humans and bloggers. She will be pregnant soon and is heading into her first IVF – please stop by and wish her luck.  (Also nominated by My Perfect Breakdown.  Again, I could not sleep at night if I did not include her here.)

5.  Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you. (Optional)

  • Done (above).
  • If I had a hot clue how to make it a permanent fixture on my blog I’d do it (same with the Liebster Award).  Anyone with the smarts and patience to teach me, please post or email me at – thank you heaps! 

16 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Love that you have written a novel! I think you should have it publishes!! Also, I can’t believe you were held at gunpoint! That is insane! I am so glad you were okay!!!!

  2. I am so happy you decided to participate! I love your 7 random facts and think its awesome that you survived being held up and gunpoint!! (when I first wrote that sentence it actually said I think its awesome that you were held up at gunpoint and survived…that just didn’t sound right saying I think its awesome you were heldup at gunpoint….). Anyways, I couldn’t even imagine!

    I love the blogs you nominated, and will be checking out the few I didn’t already know about. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The hold up was scary but not as scary as the car jackings many of my friends and students survived. It all ended up pointing to “go and stay home now” eventually, though it did take me a few months for that message to really sink in.

  3. You’re such a “renaissance woman”! Thank you for the nomination. Moreover, thank you for supporting me through these perilous early weeks of pregnancy–it really shows your strength of character and I’m grateful we’ve connected through our blogs. XOXOXOXO

  4. You are awesome!!!! I love that you ”birthed a dragon” 🙂 I myself am an Ox and Google told me that when my 2015 baby is born she will be a goat. (really doesn’t compare to a dragon). I also have found a few new blogs to read from your list. 🙂

    • I am so happy about this – you finding new blogs, me finding new blogs from my nominees and nominators, it’s awesome.

      Segue time: On the subject of goats, the Dragon recently was head-butted by a goat named Bobby Brown… I honestly can’t even type that without laughing – what kind of mother am I? I have always had a huge soft spot for goats because when I was a child my brother and I bottle-fed two goats whose mama goat rejected them almost immediately after birthing them (what kind of mother was she, you may ask). So, sadly, I saw the head-butt coming and could not move fast enough to prevent it connecting with the Dragon’s skull. The LP gave me a very nasty stink eye but it took all I had not to burst out laughing while I made sure the Dragon was okay (of course he was) and got him a ju jube (which cured any residual upset). Even now, weeks later, he tells the story in broken-toddler-English “goat bumped me in da head” to anyone who will listen. Moral of this story? (1) Be mindful of goat head-butts and (2) Dragons come with a certain drama gene, apparently.

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