Test Results – Guess What? I am Allergic!

This is likely to be another mostly clinical and unexciting post.  

On the good news front for the few of you who aren’t pregnant I will not be talking about being pregnant.  And to those of you who are pregnant, my congratulations and my sincere apologies if the above disclaimer makes you feel unwelcome. That is NOT my intent or objective but I must be honest… I’ve seen way too many pregnant women in my dreams, in airports, on planes, at my dental appointment (why do I keep getting pregnant dental assistants or hygienists – I’m batting 3 for 3 in the last 18 months – never the same one, either!), in hotels, on the streets and even at the live theatre we took in over the past few days and I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my chest with each preggo sighting again – thought I was over this but not so much apparently. Or not right now.   (Seriously, God, do I need my nose rubbed in it this way? It kind of smarts.)

Still here? Glad at least one of you is still reading!

First things first. The blood test results from Tuesday this week arrived just in time for our appointment in Long Island with Dr. Braverman. Here they are:

Cortisol: normal

Fasting insulin: normal

Fasting glucose: normal

ALT: normal

CRP: normal 

TSH: 1.2 

HbA1C: normal

Cholesterol (all 3 levels): normal

WBC: normal

C-reactive protein: normal

Anti-transglutaminase IgA: low (negative)

The reference range for each of the following test results is < 0.35 kU/L, meaning I am allergic and reactive to all of them:

IgE Antibody dog dander:  39.90 (!!)

IgE Antibody cat dander:  9.57

IgE Antibody horse dander:  5.61

IgE Ab D. pteronyssinus dust mite:  2.88

IgE Ab Milk:  2.21

IgE Ab Western ragweed:  1.55

IgE Antibody peanut:  0.99

IgE Antibody egg white:  0.86

IgE Ab Timothy grass:  0.53

So, yeah, you could say I have a few allergies. The dog one scares the heck out of me. Our dog is supposedly non allergenic and I never used to react to her but lately I have been doing so. In the good news department, I am not reactive to cod fish, Cladosporium herbarum (the LP says this is a form of mold. Dr. Google confirmed this), or Alternaria tenuis (Dr. Google tells me this is also a plant mold). Yay me! 

Okay the first flight is landing so next update will have to wait!



20 thoughts on “Test Results – Guess What? I am Allergic!

  1. That is a lot of allergies! You poor thing! No wonder you haven’t been feeling well! Hope Dr. Braverman can help you determine the best treatment plan to get all of this under control and praying it does the trick to get your immune health under control too. Good luck at your appointment!

    • Thank you. Dr. B actually dismissed the IgE stuff and said he would just Rx Claritin daily during any future cycle to reduce histamines. I was disappointed by that but I guess he sees bigger fish to fry. To me, this is exasperating and exhausting (not to mention just plain annoying). I guess I keep waiting to see an allergist at home sometime in 2015 or 2016… Update on the appointment to follow soon…

    • Yes. Normal is less than 0.35. Anything higher means reactive. So my dog dander result is more than 100 times normal, for example. I listed them from worst to least bad (how is that for awesome grammar?).

        • That won’t happen. She was my birthday present to myself 9 years ago and I would not abandon or rehome her now. There must be another way. I’ve been allergic to dogs and cats and horses (and everything else on that list plus more) all of my life. This is not news. What’s news and a mystery is why now I’m suddenly reacting so much more than I have in my entire life.

  2. Somehow I missed this post too!
    Anyways, yes, you definitely have a lot of allergies. I find it interesting that they are relying on blood work for your allergy testing, as mine have always been completed through skin testing. Is this because only immunologists do the skin testing?
    As for the dog allergy, I was told absolutely not to get a dog by my immunologist. So, what did I do, I got a dog. 🙂 I love my dog to pieces and I told my doctor that he will have to find a way to address my dog allergy if it becomes a problem, because she is not going anywhere. Anyways, she’s now just over 4 years old, and so far I’ve been good with her. Anytime they do the skin tests for my allergies, I show a significant allergy to dogs, but yet, I live with one and its all good. So, I find this pretty interesting to say the least.

    • Thank you for that doggie reassurance! Yes, we did the RAST (blood) tests because only immunologists are licensed to do the IgE-specific skin testing on your back and/ or arms and of course I am still waiting to even get an appointment date with an immunologist. So this is the best we can do for now. I know I have a bunch more allergies than this tested for and I feel like we are missing something major here but there is nothing more my family doc or I can do at this stage, to my knowledge. Thanks again for sharing your experience and perspective.

      • I find it kinda funny that only immunologists are allowed to the skin testing – it’s so simple that I cannot imagine it requires advanced training. But, I guess if something goes wrong then they would be the people who are there to fix it. Anyways, good luck getting into a local immunologist soon!

        • Thank you. I doubt it will be “soon” unless you define that as “in the next 24 months.” 😉 But I appreciate the luck all the same.

          I have had anaphylactic responses to some allergens at certain points in my life (used to be wasps, then it was nuts, not sure I have any that bad right now). This has caused me at times to wonder if the restrictions on who can do skin testing for allergies are in place because of the danger to folks who could conceivably go into shock and die from the testing itself, with expertise being required to navigate around that ever actually happening (because an expert in how allergies interact and how to escalate and when not to test is better equipped than our GPs, for instance). But I’m making this up, I have never run this theory past any immunologists since they seem harder to find than yellow diamonds. 😉

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