Test Results In (and completely mind-boggling)

This will be relatively brief and largely prepared in honour of those among my readers who may be waiting in anticipation.  This post is not borne of anything particularly revelatory or amusing I may have to write about.  In contemporary vernacular  it may consist of a heap of meh.  You have been warned.

Still with me despite that disclaimer?  I’m buying you a latte (or your choice of beverage – I don’t do dairy or caffeine so don’t think I’ll be offended if you nix the latte suggestion).

This week has been sheer madness at work.  Thanks to a two-hour time difference and my propensity to arrive at work super early, I have had a flurry of telephone conversations with folks on the East Coast and, during later periods of the day, on the West Coast.  Here’s the skinny:

  1. I have cancelled our consultation with a RE closer to home (in case he would work with Dr. Braverman should Dr. Braverman design an immune protocol for us) because although the staff and embryologist at his clinic are the most competent and kind I’ve encountered in my experience to date (with a total of four IVF clinics), the Lab Director told me on Monday this week that their lab has no experience with the cryopreservation device in which our embryos were vitrified.  This is one gamble we have chosen not to take voluntarily.  Too bad.  I now have September 4th free if any of you want to join me for that non-latte?
  2. In a tailspin of panic, I obtained the cellular telephone number of the embryologist at Dr. Braverman’s lab.  Amazingly,  he took my call at 8:30 on a morning when, unbeknown to me, he was (and still is) on vacation. (I later learned that the entire lab is closed until August 24th while Dr. Braverman is “on vacation” or *something* – he’s not in the office for 3 days.  That makes my work-life “balance” sound positively zen-like!)  The embryologist confirmed that he and his lab folks have experience with the device and the medium in which our embryos were vitrified.  And he answered my questions about shipping and gave me the phone number to the company that Dr. B’s office uses for transporting such precious cargo.  All of that without ever mentioning that he was not at work and currently on vacation.  Bless him!  (I did feel a little guilty but mostly grateful when I found out about the lab closure, if you’re wondering.)
  3. New York state law requires an exemption letter from the state health department for any human tissue transported from out-of-state.  This process can take 2-3 weeks to complete successfully.  Thank you again, sleepy-sounding (understandably in hindsight) yet incredibly informative embryologist!
  4. I foolishly (in retrospect) asked if Reprosource had done the AMH testing given that I never received a receipt for that panel.  My contact there confirmed that they had done the panel of tests but forgotten to charge me.  There goes another $145 USD I could have saved if I’d been less honest.
  5. It will cost us approximately $1,000 USD, 2-3 weeks (see above) and a boat load of paperwork to have our remaining two frozen DE embryos shipped from the southern West Coast to the northern East Coast should we end up doing our next FET with Dr. Braverman’s clinic.
  6. I got our results from the couples’ immune (expanded) panels of testing ordered by Dr. Braverman when we met with him on July 31, 2014.  I am still trying to decipher a good portion of them and expect that there is limited value in my summarizing bits and pieces for you here because the one thing they make very clear to me is that the true value in the $3,000 USD I paid to Braverman for immune testing/interpretation and protocol design lies in the interpretation and design component (particularly since the testing itself is all done by Reprosource, to whom we paid an additional $2,400 USD).  In short, I will wait to offer any meaningful analysis or significance of the results until we get what I paid for from Dr. Braverman.  I was told this week that he will need “about a week” after he gets back (tomorrow – August 22nd) and has a chance to review and interpret.  I hope that’s true and we get to speak with him by the end of next week but I’m not holding my breath.  Stay tuned!

Now, as Porky Pig would say, abadabadabada… that’s all folks!

22 thoughts on “Test Results In (and completely mind-boggling)

  1. I’m free September 4 for a latte. Although, as a non coffee drinker, I may have to alter my order 🙂
    Anyways, I’m glad the awesome embryologist was able to answer so many of your questions. It’s about time someone in the medical profession was able to help you!! And, hopefully you hear from Dr. Braerman asap to now what all the information means. 🙂

  2. I am free on the 4th and would like a decaf herbal iced tea, please! 🙂 There is a lot here I have not been through and cannot empathize with, but am so glad to have the update and to know how things are going for you. Looking forward to more positive updates soon!

    • Thank you. I hope this update counts as some form of positive… it feels that way for me. Honestly, I’m so grateful you are here with me because there are just so few of us secondary IF gals relative to our primary IF friends and sometimes I feel like the cat that ate the canary when I wallow…

      On that note, I am *so* glad things are chugging along for you. And I promise not to mention the vegetable that shall remain nameless again!

  3. Peppermint tea works for me. Want to meet in Victoria though? 🙂 I truly hope that Dr. B follows through and you feel that you get value from those tests. And then… A healthy FET transfer. Things are progressing for you, even if it seems slow.

    • Thanks, sweetie. I already know we got value from them because
      (a) I only see one HLA match (DQ-Beta);
      (b) we have no partner-specific a-HLA matches;
      (c) although I have very active Natural Killer cells that respond well to intra-lipids and even better to IVIg (which I can’t afford but fun fact to know about oneself), I don’t have an over-abundance of them generally (silver lining?);
      (d) I see a bunch of other “high” levels among my leukocytes and cytokines;
      (e) my FSH was totally awesome for my advanced maternal age (irrelevant now but see above about silver linings – a girl has to hang onto her youth when she’s been told it is long gone in the IF world); and
      (f) in light of the above, I suspect there will be *some* sort of explanation forthcoming from Dr. Braverman (total well-educated and perhaps well-intentioned BS or not, I will have paid for *something*).

  4. This sounds like things are moving in the right direction hun. You have a few similar results to my immune testing results last year. I’m hoping Dr B’s clinic brings some clarity so things can continue to progress well. Thinking of you, you’ve had lots of big decisions to make and big cash to part with. I understand how tough that is. Up for a cyber cuppa anytime, perhaps a good old fashioned afternoon tea? xx

  5. I’ve been eager to hear about your testing and I’m sorry you have to wait another week to find out the results. I called reprosource today and found out that my tests were completed and sent to my doctor late this afternoon. God bless Angela at reprosource – I’ve likely become the bane of her existence with my incessant calling. I’ll be calling my dr tomorrow as soon as they open to get my ok the calendar for my consult as well. Hoping this test holds answers and solutions for us!

  6. Glad the embryologist was so helpful hon. Hope Dr. Braverman puts together his treatment protocol quickly and follows up with you soon!

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