One Lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated by the lovely and thoughtful author (blogger) of My Perfect Breakdown, who I would consider something of a kindred spirit.  Thank you, MPB, I am so honoured (note British/Canadian spelling).

To the rest of you:  Please go visit MPB’s blog.  I expect you will love it even if mine doesn’t turn your crank because (a) she posts beautiful photographs at least once a week and other interesting widgets and things the rest of the time; (b) her blog is much more accessible than mine; (c) I am asking you nicely; and (d) she’s just plain lovely, enough said.

By way of a wonderful postscript, I am deeply grateful for a second nomination from Plan B Chronicles.  I feel so honoured having two nominations and am particulularly indebted to my blogger friend at Plan B Chronicles for braving a similar immune protocol at this very moment.  I’ve already nominated her and you can read about that below, but I’m adding this little shout out as a thank you and a prayer for each of our upcoming cycles.  Please also visit Miss Plan B!

That takes care of criterion number one in my acceptance speech – acknowledge (with gratitude) the blogger who nominated you.  If you’d like to read My Perfect Breakdown’s post accepting her nomination for a One Lovely Blog Award, check this out. 

The other criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award are:

  1. List the rules.  I prefer to call them guidelines.  The first one is thank your nominator.  Duh. Number two is list the rules.  Did I say that already?
  2. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you did.
  4. Display the award logo and follow your nominator.

Seven Not-So-Random Facts About Me

  1. I am not looking for a large following and I don’t mind if you don’t like me or feel about me as one blog troll did when she shared her hurtful advice to “give up already”.  Though I would appreciate you not leaving hurtful comments for me to delete (because I *will* delete them so that the hate and hurt stops at me and is not shared with the rest of the blogiverse) even if you have nothing civilized or kind to say.  Way to start an acceptance speech!  Do I rock or what?
  2. I do not like ice cream.  I know, you may think this is crazy.  Roll with it, people, please.
  3. I love dark chocolate.  The darker the better.
  4. How did this get to be all about food?  Is this an attention deficit thing?
  5. I have loved horses my entire life.  My Life Partner (LP) and I own some horses.  They run fast.  Some do not run so fast.  That can be disappointing.  I wish I was not allergic to them so we could keep as pets the ones that cannot run fast or the ones who get old and need a home and love in their retirement.
  6. I lived as a pauper for much of my life.  Going to law school after a brain injury nearly killed me (I would venture to say that law school could crush most sensitive, conscious, mature students) but being a lawyer has allowed me to do things I could never have done in my past life of not-for-profit employment.  Sometimes I feel guilty and ashamed of my past and my decision to put on a suit and beg for the loot.  But then I get over it and realize life goes on.  And so it does.
  7. I bet you weren’t expecting that last one, were you?  Me, neither.  I hope I don’t regret sharing it.

 Nominate 15 Other Lovely Bloggers

I feel a bit like  a broken record doing this and I share My Perfect Breakdown’s ambivalence about “chain letter” type posts, not in the sense of sharing facts about me but in the sense of obligating anyone who may not want to post seven facts about themselves.  However, I am truly touched and honoured every single time I am nominated for a blogging award and I hope that each of you whose blogs I follow know that I appreciate you and cheer you on (even when I am not commenting), whether I nominate you or not.

I also hope that those of you I have nominated here feel no obligation to accept if you do not wish to do so.  From my perspective, it is the acknowledgment and my public appreciation of what you do, who you are and what you bring to the blogiverse that are of lasting significance.  I cannot help but share your loveliness with others.  Whether you accept and reciprocate is entirely up to you.

My OBT – I have nominated Donna before but I must insist that you check out her blog.  You will *not* be disappointed.  And if you are up to your eyeballs in infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, immune issues, morning sickness or other annoying complaints made by pregnant women (just kidding – sort of ;-)), you need a break.  Take it at My OBT.  You will not be disappointed.

Electric Mystery – If there is one inexplicably lovely person out here in blogland, Julie Ann is she.  Julie Ann is a cancer survivor trying in a very brief window of time approved by her oncologist to have a child.  She is currently taking a blogging break due to some disappointing events and difficult circumstances, but I hope you head over and let her know you care.  I know it would mean so much to her.

Hooded Spirits – This new blogger deserves some attention. I *love* her candour and simplicity. I am so grateful she stopped by in her early days so I can follow along as she sorts out the mystery that is WordPress and its hiccups and celebrate when she finally scores the big prize. She’s also a dog person. Being a dog person (and a dog in the Chinese zodiac – there’s a random fact for you!) myself, I covet her doggie family.

Plan B Chronicles  – This blog is full of informative posts and a refreshing perspective, authored by an American black professional single-mother-by-choice trying to have her first children (she wants twins and done, let’s cheer her on!).  Like me, she has immune issues affecting her ability to sustain pregnancy. She’s currently undergoing a second fresh IVF cycle and I hope you join me in egging her on (pun intended).

Searching for Our Stork – Although this blogger started her blog around the same time I did last year (I actually forget when I started my blog except that it was in the Fall – is that bad?), I only encountered her recently.  She is about to undergo a frozen embryo transfer and would probably appreciate the distraction of new followers and comments during the dreaded not-quite-two-week wait that she will be facing soon. So mosey on over and say hello already!

Sophia’s Story – A beautifully written, touching memoir-style blog.  I’m new to this blogger as well but I like her style and I love her sincerity.  Moreover, the spirit of and premise behind her blog is pure loveliness.

F**k Infertility – Keeping it clean, this gal suffers from immune issues that are preventing her from having the kiddos she wants, too.  She’s candid, funny and real.  Check out her blog, even if you don’t like cuss words.  It would do you some good.

It’s Time for Two – I *love* this thoughtful UK blogger.  Suffering secondary infertility with a heart and a level head (most of the time – we all have our moments), she’s lovely, lovely, lovely.  I hope you pay her a visit if so inclined.

Planting Beans – This lovely young woman is working hard at staying positive throughout her journey with infertility, some bad family drama (is there good family drama?) and life on the Prairies.  She is a long time follower of mine and I think it’s time I returned the kindness.

rceg91109 – Winner of the most steadfastly anonymous blogger ever award! I *love* this blogger and her commitment to be who she is, for herself, nobody else, on her blog (which is much like a journal or what I would keep as a journal, perhaps, but funnier at times in an idiosyncratic way). I’m not sure she’ll accept the nomination but I cannot fail to nominate her since she is awesome and her blog lovely in my eyes.

Laughter Through Tears – This blogger and her extended family have recently experienced unthinkable tragedy and I don’t expect she will have the inclination to accept, but I must nominate her because she writes one truly lovely blog.  She’s worthy of a follow for when she gets back into the blogging game. And at the moment I would personally be very grateful if you offered her family some prayers.

A Hundred Affections – The lovely Kate has waited a long time for her reward.  She is finally on her way to having the baby she’s been longing to hold all these years and I could not be happier for her.

My Life as a Case Study – This is one free-spirited gal. Call her MLACS. (Seriously. Do it. She likes it.) Autoimmune crises be damned, she has hit the jackpot *and* has a new puppy. She’s a little rough around the edges like me but lovely, through and through. Also nominated by My Perfect Breakdown, but I couldn’t resist, MLACS is something special.My

My Hope Jar – Johanne is the epitome of lovely and her blog is its embodiment. Most of you likely know her already but if you don’t please do yourself the favour of paying her a visit. Her blog has long been about recurrent pregnancy and infant loss but I am delighted to say she is happily pregnant now with a little boy who is keeping HELLP away with his determination to brighten the lives of his loving parents.

Awaiting Autumn – This young woman (Lindsey) is delightful, candid, funny and heartwarming.  Most if not all of you likely already know her but if you don’t, go introduce yourself.  She’s awesome! Also nominated by My Perfect Breakdown (we Canadian girls have to stick together).

Phew! That was a lot of work.  But plenty worth it.  Thank you again to My Perfect Breakdown for the nomination and to all of you for reading and lending your thoughts, prayers and support to me and each other.  As MLACS recently said, we need each other.  And I am so grateful to have gotten or be getting to know each of you.





15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my blog – You just made my day!
    First, I did not realize it was possible to not like ice cream. But, I will accept this because you love dark chocolate. Personally, I adore both vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate – although not together.
    Second, I am so sorry that you’ve had a horrible troll hit your blog. I count myself fortunate that this has not happened to me yet (but I have no doubt it will eventually). I love your attitude and admire your strength in the face of such harsh criticism. As always, I think your approach to all of this RPL stuff is admirable to say the very least.
    And lastly, the very last two sentence of this post are so unbelievably true – “As MLACS recently said, we need each other. And I am so grateful to have gotten or be getting to know each of you.” I am honoured to know you, and to have your support – I definitely need you and the other bloggers in my life. As lame as it might sound, you are all my light on bad days.

  2. Thank you so much hon. Your nomination and your comment made me cry! I really think this little guy is keeping me healthy and the HELLP away out of love and determination too. And I LOVE the darkest of dark chocolate too. I’m about to post an update now and will write a separate post about this in the next day or so. Thank you to you and your lovely blog. You are a constant inspiration to me, and I was appalled to read your fist point. I simply cannot believe the nerve of some people!

  3. Lol @ “rough around the edges”–so very true 😉
    Thank you for supporting me through the good and the bad–I’m proud to be recognized by you. Furthermore, you are sharp and shouldn’t feel bad about your success–you’re still helping people, you just get paid better. I also *love* dark chocolate and I’m not a fan of ice cream! XOXO

  4. Thank you! I am honored. I will defer acceptance until I return. Probably some time in October. You too have a very lovely blog. And we will accept all the prayers we can get. Headed to Kentucky this weekend to see my Aunt and Uncle and offer up some in person support.

  5. You rock! Thank you for 1) nominating me 2) actually reading my potty-mouthed madness and 3) your kindness and support! You and your blog have felt like a lifeline on days when my mental ship feels unanchored because if infertility…which is most days 🙂

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