On the Road Again

It is very early. I have slept very little. I have been waiting for my menses to show up and had hoped to see red this morning. Nope. Of course not. Why would things unfold as I want them to do?

Although I have no checked bags, I want to throw my bushel of fears into cargo and leave her there.

We are about to board. This is it. I see Dr. Braverman tomorrow after my first intralipids infusion in his office. I have already paid a small fortune for many of the meds I will be taking.

I would be lying if I said am not scared. I’m scared the cycle will be cancelled due to a cyst or the like. I am afraid our embryos won’t make it. I am afraid of this cycle failing in any number of ways.

That said, I have my hypnotherapy recording with me and I plan to listen to that on the first flight to settle me down and hopefully to reconnect with Azulito, our little spirit baby.

Here we go!

24 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Wishing you every single ounce of courage as you embark on this trip and wishing you the absolute best outcome possible – your little miracle baby. I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines and thinking of you!!

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