Good News and Yet Another Hiccup

Yesterday’s visit with Dr. Braverman went mostly well.

I say mostly because for a pretty deadpan guy he got fairly excited about my uterine lining. On cycle day 8, after only five days on Estrace and 200 units of hCG injections daily (plus all of the immune and related drugs and supplements I am taking), my uterine lining was already trilaminar and measuring 7.5 mm. At least my body can get this part of the baby-making job right. Yay me!

Dr. Braverman actually said he would be happy transferring into that right now. But of course it is a little early for that. My next lining check and blood draw is Monday. If all is looking good I will then get instructions to start progesterone. The hCG injections stop tomorrow (Sunday).

Now for the hiccup. For the first time since Gramercy Fertility (the Manhattan clinic Dr. Braverman uses for IVF retrievals and transfers) told me our embryos had arrived from California, I found out that Gertrude and Alice are in New Jersey with the shipping company. Administrative issues are involved. I won’t get into them here but suffice to say I was a little unhinged.

Upon cross-examination Dr. Braverman reassured me that this should pose no issue as we are going to use a clinic further uptown and his embryologist (who I have spoken to several times before and like) will be there for my transfer. He also assured me there would be no extra cost to me as a result of the administrative issues facing Gramercy right now. That’s good because the shipping company gave me an estimate of about $400 for brief storage in NJ and later shipping to Manhattan after importing from California.

As a friend noted yesterday, there is always something.

I am going for acupuncture today in Manhattan and hoping to check out the High Heels art exhibit in Brooklyn tomorrow. I am heading home Monday evening. Meanwhile, I truly hope things continue to progress and Monday’s appointment brings good news.

Happy weekend wishes to everyone!


18 thoughts on “Good News and Yet Another Hiccup

    • Thank you. I was upset and stressing about the embryo issue initially but then thought what good will that do me? None. So I have decided to do my best to let it go and stay positive. Hope you’re having a good weekend. It is a very rainy day here.

  1. Hey–I can’t seem to find an email for you. If you’re at loose ends, text me: We’re just hanging out this weekend. You’re welcome to visit Chez M and Elizabeth or I can meet you. If not, no worries but keep it in mind.

  2. I’m glad to hear that things are going well! I’m sorry about the administrative issue, but glad that Dr. Braverman et al. are taking care of it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    P.S. Above you said you were going to delete someone’s phone number, but it’s still there. I thought you might want to know so you could delete it. πŸ™‚

  3. How strange that the Gramercy clinic is having these admin issues, but glad the hiccup wasn’t too major and that Dr. B and the embryologist will be able to make it work at another clinic. And yay for exciting lining! Good luck on Monday. Thinking about you and sending so many positive thoughts!

      • Oh no! The food isn’t that great, I fibbed! Hope you enjoyed the high heels exhibit, it sounded really cool!

        Thank you for asking. I’m ok. Eager, nervous but anxious to get going with the transfer. The usual maelstrom of emotions as the cycle progresses. Damn these hormones!

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