The Final Countdown – FET minus 4 hours and counting

Today at approximately 1:30 p.m. EST I will – hopefully, prayerfully – have our last two donor-egg embryos transferred into my well-primed uterus.  I am nervous, excited and a little scared.

My intentions are set and I have felt more grounded since doing so.  On the whole, I feel optimistic and hopeful lately.  Things feel as right as they can given my loss history and immune and HLA diagnoses.

Yesterday I had my last pre-transfer meeting and ultrasound with Dr. Braverman.  He was pleased, my lining was 10 mm and still perfectly trilaminar.  He gave me a picture of it to take with me (for good luck?).  He said I/we have done everything we can and my body appears to be responding beautifully so now it is all up to the embryos.

No pressure, Gert and Al.

Yesterday afternoon I also had pre-transfer acupuncture with a new practitioner to whom Dr. B’s nurse referred me last week. I really liked her and wish she were working today so I could do my post-transfer session with her but no luck.  I’ll head back to Yin.Ova for that later this afternoon.

In the meantime I plan to do some work this morning to keep myself busy and then go for a walk, hopefully through Central Park to the clinic where my transfer will be done. I think that would be a nice segue.  Hopefully my time management skills or lack thereof enable this plan to come to fruition.

To Gertrude and Alice:  I love you.  The LP loves you.  We want you to come home and stay there.  Please survive.  Please transfer smoothly.  Please implant deeply and thrive.

20 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – FET minus 4 hours and counting

  1. You’d think we were having our transfer this AM with the amount of hoping and praying that’s going on here in 42. We’ve messaged Gertrude and Alice that, in our humble opinions, they have an amazing family waiting to love them forever and they’d be a bit crazy not to jump on the chance. Will be anxiously awaiting the thaw/transfer update. Fuerte!

    • It always means so much to me to hear from you. Thank you. I’ve been remiss in checking in with you – I will do that now. Thank you for the prayers and positives, I will be carrying them in my heart all day.

  2. I have been woefully neglectful in posting replies to your recent posts (sorry!) but I am thinking about you so much and sending you tons of happy thoughts! I am nervous and excited for you, too, and cannot wait for further updates! Love and hugs. 🙂

    • Please don’t apologize! I know you’re on our team and I am so, so thankful. I’ll update, I promise. Love and hugs back at you, I hope you are well (amidst all the discomfort I’m sure you must be experiencing by now).

  3. Wishing you calm, peace and love as you, G and A get formally acquainted today. I hope more then anything that they settle in for the long run! I hope that you can take comfort knowing that you, the LP and Dr. B have done everything possible to provide them with a healthy and safe home,
    Oh, and be sure to “have fun” today.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you…we said this one to ourselves pretty much before every IUI and out transfer…i hope it resonates with you (and that we aren’t offending in offering a small prayer) “Praise the Lord for He is great, mighty, and gives life. May He remember me as He did Sarah, planting seed(s) in my womb, bearing fruit, as the most bountiful tree in the orchard. Lord on high, Lord so close, make me fertile. Create a new soul(s) and I will raise it up in Your name. Hallelujah!” We’re with you!

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