Welcome Home, Sweet Babies

From the depths of my heart I extend each of you who read, supported, commented on my pre-transfer post yesterday tremendous gratitude. Your support and caring means the world to me.

I am relieved and pleased to report that both Gertrude and Alice were smoothly and successfully transferred to my uterus yesterday afternoon. Welcome home, sweet babies.

One of the embryos is not as high quality as the other but Dr. Braverman’s darling embryologist assured me they are both beautiful. I drank the kool-aid. I choose to believe we have a real shot at overcoming my immune and HLA issues this time.

Speaking of beautiful, I was so grateful to get texts and emails from several of my blogging friends today. Thank you for holding me in your thoughts today.

Also on the theme of beautiful events, I enjoyed a delicious meal and excellent company post-transfer on Tuesday evening. Thank you, E and M, for making me feel at home in yours. Thanks are also due to a certain Bull Mastiff who decided my air bed was a good place to hang out for a while in the night. Dog love is so good.

Come to think of it, I feel surrounded by love. I cannot believe I had not noticed this until now. I noticed a presence with me all afternoon but I thought that was the Val.ium talking. The effects of that drug are long gone and I still feel the presence and a general sense of being surrounded by love. I don’t know how to describe it.

On that happy and peaceful note, I must put myself to bed. It was a long, adventurous day, the14th day of October, 2014.

As synchronicity would have it, October 14 happens to mark the one-year anniversary of my registration with WordPress. Here’s hoping that is yet another good sign or at least a happy coincidence.

46 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Sweet Babies

    • Lindsey! Wow, 14? Thank you for sharing. You’ve been on my mind every day for weeks and I am so touched that you keep sharing your kindness with others when you have gone and are going through so much. Thank you. The love and light is being channelled back your way as well, my friend.

  1. Sending you love, light and happiness as the waiting begins! I am so hopeful for you and wish you nothing but the absolute best!!
    Sleep well, and enjoy all the next few weeks to the best of your ability! I’m sure you will have moments if anxiety and fear, but try to hold onto all the happy moments whenever they arise!

  2. Settle in good and comfy Gertrude and Alice! I’m so happy everything went well with the transfer and that you’re feeling all the love surrounding you. Continuing to send you love and prayers too ❤

      • Thanks hon. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since my SIL arrived, but I’m doing okay. I seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold that I think I caught from my 3 year old niece. Not fun and bad timing with the shower this weekend, but my mom just flew in today so I’m already feeling better just having her here 🙂 thinking about you and Gertrude and Alice. Hope they are settling in good and strong!

        I’m also thinking about your angels today (and mine and all the angels out there that were taken from their parents too soon) on this special day of remembrance and sending you love ❤

        • Ugh! Illness has impeccable timing doesn’t it? I’m sorry to hear that but getting increasingly excited for your shower on Saturday. I expect it will bring mixed feelings too but I know Holdon is so happy you have this opportunity and he will be there revelling with all of those who love and can be there with you, A and little man.

        • Thanks hon ❤️ I’m still sick and have been awake since 4 because of a runny nose and excitement. The timing if this cold is impeccable, but nothing is going to spoil today for me 🙂 thinking of you…

    • Thank you for your enthusiasm. I was thinking of you and worrying I would be told to go pee for 10 seconds when the embryologist (who stood by me and was my cheerleader, occasionally patting my hat – I really did connect with him in all my vulnerability) said “good job on the bladder”! No, I thought, don’t let the humiliation begin… Apparently that honour was reserved for you this cycle. 😉

      Your support means so much to me.

      • Oops! I autocorrect strikes again! I meant to type absolutely not absurdly!!

        Ha! Glad you were not subjected to the bathroom walk of shame! It’s such a great feeling when you feel connected and supported by the clinical staff. I’m happy it was such a wonderful moment for you!

        • I have never felt connected to anyone in any of my ART procedures. I couldn’t even have imagined feeling that way before yesterday to be honest. Makes me want to send him a note of thanks today but I only have his phone number not email.

  3. I am so glad and grateful things went well yesterday ! YOU DESERVE THIS !!! The babies are where they need to be so be sure to rest up… eat brazil nuts 5 times a day and get a pineapple and eat only the core for the next 5 days, eat a bunch of boiled eggs and chicken ! All those things aid in implantation. Waiting in tiptoe anticipation for your I’m PREGGO report ! 😉

  4. What a day! I hope you slept well, and that the love that is overflowing is felt by your girls. Synchronicity reminds me that sometimes there is a plan in place for us, and these moments are so magical. Welcome home G and A.

  5. I’m so glad that it was a good experience overall and that E & M (and the dog) have taken such great care of you.I hope today’s travels go smoothly and G&A start getting very comfy in their proper home. I have so much hope for you this cycle. I and all our moon sisters will hold you and your babies in our hearts. I hope you continue to feel surrounded by that love. You have so much support from all of us following along with your journey and praying for you. I hope to see you soon! 😉

    • Thank you *so* much. You have been so amazing and I love witnessing you on this new spiritual and healing journey. Your and our moon sisters’ support and prayers means so much. I am holding you in the same light of hope as you move toward your transfer – only 12 more days!

  6. Whoa, that surrounded by love feeling sounds amazing. I hope you continue to feel that through these next two weeks and beyond. I’m so glad Gertrude and Alice are finally right where they belong. Xo.

  7. I have dedicated my daily meditation to you for the past three days. One day for you, one day for Gertrude and one day for Alice. I am sending you so much love, hope and prayers. You are amazing and I am honored to be a part of your journey in any way at all. Keep writing. Would love if you add some of your art. 🙂

  8. You sound so at peace in this post, which an amazing, beautiful thing. I am so very happy t hear that you are in such a good place. I think of you so much and have been praying that all three of you (you, Gertrude, and Alice) are not only well, but thriving. Be well, my dear.

    • Thank you, I cannot tell you how much your prayers and thoughts of us mean to me. This is the most zen-like I have *ever* felt after a transfer or other ART process or even a natural two-week-wait. I don’t know how to explain it. I was more scared going into this cycle than I have ever been but I feel very chilled. The valium didn’t last long enough to make much of a dent on Tuesday but I feel as though I have been on some similar substance since then. I am choosing to believe that I’m pregnant and will stay that way but there is something completely not about me or what I’m orchestrating going on. I can’t give it a name, I can’t put clear words to it, but it’s there. And I am so incredibly grateful it is. I try to push out all thoughts of “what if I’m wrong” and other interruptions. I want to hang onto this bliss for a change!

    • Thank you so much. I truly hope this is not some sort of cruel joke the universe is about to play on me but I’m content to not be a ball of nerves and terror for as long as that lasts. The hypnotherapy recording I had made at my last appointment has helped a lot and she designed it so I could listen to it while falling asleep or asleep so I think I may be enjoying the perks of subliminal messaging or brainwashing. Whatever works!

  9. I haven’t commented before but i discovered your blog recently and have been wishing you such good things in your journey. I’ve had 4 failed IUIs and 2 canceled IVF cycles (due to persistently thin lining) and this whole process is full of constant heartache … I am so happy for you that you have gotten to this point and am sending good thoughts and vibes – I hope those embryos are snuggling in 🙂

  10. I have never commented before but I discovered your blog recently and it brings such comfort and reassurance to hear your story. I have been through 4 IUIs and now 2 cancelled IVF cycles (due to persistently thin lining) and I know all too well the constant heartache of this journey. I am so happy you have gotten to this point and I am sending you good thoughts and vibes – I hope those embryos are snuggling in there 🙂

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