Oh, Life. You and Your Inappropriate Sense of Humour.

Today as I was about to leave the house to go to work (because all of my time away from the office has gotten me in a bit of a pickle and requires me to work weekends because I’m not around at least 2 days every other week and sometimes every week of late) I made a rather horrifying discovery.

Our home’s hot water tank had exploded and spilled its scalding guts all over the furnace / laundry room floor.

I have since discovered that (a) hot water tanks that behave in this manner are beyond repair; (b) replacement of said tanks will cost us between approximately $1,500 and $3,000 plus an extra $1,000 if we wanted it done after hours (meaning, say, today).

I have booked the LP, the MT and I a room at the hotel adjacent to my office building. Because that’s how I roll when crisis strikes.

In other bad news, because Dr. Braverman in a moment of dogmatic medical purism and no thought to my psychological well-being denied me the opportunity to get a beta done Friday to ease my mind and instead said I should wait until Monday (5 days after my last beta), I have continued to pee on things. Do I sound bitter? See above if that seems out-of-the-blue and think no warm or hot running water when the forecast where I live includes possible snow today and tonight and both the LP and I have office jobs where we must bathe before attending meetings with others and clients.

Peeing on things has proven to be the most anxiety-provoking experience of the entire weekend (yes, worse than the water heater – a broken appliance cannot kill my last chance at having another living child and isn’t going to cost me or us tens of thousands of dollars so it’s small potatoes by comparison). In fact, peeing on things has taken a very narrow second place to ultrasounds as the all-time greatest inducer of stress and what appear to me to be very similar to the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder about which I have received some education.

My test lines had gotten darker. Darker than the control lines. And then they went back to not being darker than the control lines. I have consequently lost my mind and no measure of efforts to self-soothe have completely quelled the resulting anxiety.

In short, my weekend has majorly sucked and I want to throat punch Dr. Braverman for not listening to me. (I need someone to blame and I don’t know the name of the Water Heater Gods, okay? Cut me some slack or come hang out in my anxiety-wracked body for a few days already, will you?)

On that bitter and hostile note, I shall leave you to await some hopefully better news tomorrow. If it’s really bad news I may not post tomorrow because the bad news is so much harder to face and, consequently, share.


28 thoughts on “Oh, Life. You and Your Inappropriate Sense of Humour.

  1. Why do doctors do that shit? What skin off of their nose is it? Rawr. We had to get a new water heater for a similar explosion right after my positive beta though so I’m going with it being a good sign. I can make anything into a sign. Xo

  2. I wish I could say something to abate your fears but I know nothing will do that other than results of your blood work. Hoping the time today passes quickly for you and that you have answers soon…and that those answers give good news. Thinking of you and angry that you have to go through this stress.

  3. Sending you all the good thoughts I have. I don’t trust pregnancy tests…I feel like there’s so much room for error with line darkness. I hope this week is way better than the weekend! Xoxo.

  4. Awwww man! Sorry about your water heater. I hate when stuff tears up unexpectedly.

    Try not to stress out about the new MB (miracle baby). Enjoy the pregnancy and just go with it. Don’t forget to enjoy the LP and have some dates now that getting preggo isn’t the focus. Make him remember why you two are together to begin with. Enjoy each other and this little time. In a few months, it will be bananas ! :’) a good kind though…

  5. T&P. I’ve heard that once your HCG gets high enough the tests go wonky and actually diluting your urine can actually make it darker. Not sure, but either way I hope for a good update tomorrow.

    • Thank you. I don’t think I’m at the point to be having the hook effect, I’m only 4w4d today. I think it’s just crappy tests messing with my mind. Or another stalled pregnancy but I’m really praying and hoping that’s not the case for once.

  6. What a stressful situation with the water heater and even more stressful with the pee sticks. I am hoping and praying for an update from you tomorrow for very great results! ❤

  7. When I read about your morning fiasco, I thought of celebrities with tons of cash who like to check into a luxe hotel to re-charge and get some “me time” and I sighed to myself, “this is so not that situation…..” : )

    When you described how dark your test lines were last week, I thought that made total sense with you having two beans in there. Lines and levels will get a bit thrown off if one of your girls is absorbing into the spirit of the other (I prefer absorbing to vanishing…..). Hold on and I hope you’re still feeling exhausted and nauseous!!

    • Thank you so much, my friend. I have been thinking that, too (i.e., you may be right about the absorption possibilty) and that’s been making me very sad but I have to remember that one is better than none. I hate thinking about us having lost another but right now I need to stay as positive as I can in all of this and be grateful that something seems to still be cooking in there (I hope!).

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