Betas #3 and #4 at 11dp5dt and 13dp5dt

* pregnancy mentioned *

How’s that for a sexy title for a blog post? For a woman who hates acronyms I have taken to using some cryptic form of them as titles. Call me tired.

I know how anxiously I await news from those of you I care about deeply so even though I’m incredibly exhausted and really aching to go home, I am writing this post in gratitude to all of you who have egged me on (pun intended), believed when my hope flagged and shared such incredible love, kindness and support with me.

Below are my results on Saturday (11dp5dt) and Today (13dp5dt), both of which I only got this afternoon (it was a long weekend, let me tell you).

Beta hCG: 405 U/L
Progesterone: 190 nmol/L
TSH: 0.83 mU/L (I’m crediting the Intralipid IV last Thursday with bringing this back down from the jump it did right after transfer)

Beta hCG: 976 U/L
Progesterone: 214.7 nmol/L
TSH: 0.93 mU/L

I will call tomorrow to book a first ultrasound at the end of next week around the same time I go back to NY for my next Intralipid IV. I have found out it’s likely impossible for me to get Intralipids back home. And it’s the only drug my insurance is also not going to cover (because outside of a couple of fertility clinics far from my home it’s only ever administered in hospital in Canada and only to patients who are unable to consume solids). I am not even complaining about this. Small price if this pans out.

I am hoping and praying this pans out. Thank you all for *everything.*

62 thoughts on “Betas #3 and #4 at 11dp5dt and 13dp5dt

  1. I am so happy and relieved for you! I am praying constantly for you and little Alice and Gertrude. Hope your ultrasound is soon! Now no more peeing on things! It will just stress you out!

  2. Omg I was just thinking about you excited to read an updated so happy to hear this great news regarding your beta… Wishing you more great news and hope you feel better. I’m sure you can’t wait for your ultrasound… All the best!!!

    • Thank you. We are doing this, my cycle sister! I am sure you are as terrified as I am of next week’s viability ultrasound (I am hoping no cause for one before then for you) but in the meantime we can try to breathe again!

  3. Yeeeeesssss! I have been thinking about you today. Those are awesome numbers. I had tears pickling my eyes as I read this!! Ok, next stop ultrasound. Grow, little kiddos, grow, grow, grow!

  4. Big sigh of relief! I started to get so worried as it got later and later and you didn’t post. Thanks for updating even though you’re exhausted. I’m so glad to read those great numbers!

    • Thank you. Sorry, this is the problem with time zone differences and my local lab’s policy of no stat hCG draws except in hospital. I did post as soon as I got the second result late yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much for your kindness and support!

        • It’s alright. This is my life, I should have known better than to get my hopes up, really. And it will all be okay if Azulito makes it through this. Okay, I feel the eyes smarting and tears start spilling as I write that so I guess I’ll need to dedicate some time to actually processing these feelings at some point but for now I’ll try to keep my eye on the prize – a healthy fetal HR at next week’s u/s. One step at a time.

  5. Thank you so much for this update. I haven’t been reading blogs at all lately but I came on specifically to search for your update in my reader. I’m thrilled that everything is so far so good. I’ll continue to cheer you on from the side lines but I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am for you.

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading but I logged on tonight to specifically check for your update. Congratulations friend. Take that deep breath and let out a huge sigh. I hope that everything is smooth from here on out

  7. Yay! Your numbers are amazing!! My progesterone was such a pain in the ass the entire first trimester, bouncing between 29 and 54. So awesome that yours is so high!! Keep going! XOXO

    • Thank you. I’ve never had mine over 80 and that was a “rest” cycle (my highest with my one successful pregnancy was in the 50s-60s). So this is clearly what happens when I (a) inject and stuff a lot of the synthetic stuff into my body; and (b) treat my immune issues. Weirdly, I don’t have the progesterboobs or massive bloat I would have expected by now. So I am completely stunned that it’s been around 200 in all 4 tests. Thanks so much for your support. Hoping to follow in your footsteps here… πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh my goodness!!!! This is such happy news! You sound exhausted and anxious too, but keep the faith. After all you have been through, you absolutely deserve this happy ending so I am very much hoping things keep progressing well. BELIEVE (because it hurts even when you don’t)!!!!! Big love xxxx

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