Update: Ultrasound #2 at 7w1d

I cannot leave you all hanging, so here is the quick and dirty:

Baby has grown (measuring almost exactly a week ahead of last Friday and to date at 7w1d – the technician isn’t allowed to give us the crown-rump length (CRL) in millimetres but that will be in the written report my doctor should have by next Tuesday or Wednesday). Baby’s heart is still beating (150 bpm, up from 122 this time last week). Baby’s yolk sac is still nice and tight and not too large (2.9 mm). Everything else looked good.

I’ve reported to Dr. Braverman who said this is all great news.

The LP vomited immediately before we had to leave, making me stressed about getting there late (we were only one minute late). Apparently his lack of fear this morning caught up to him as time and his anxiety progressed over the course of the day. I should probably feel guilty for saying this but I am glad it is not only me who has suffered for this baby. And I’m touched that he actually is as invested as all that (because sometimes I forget, being wrapped up in my own case of nerves so much of the time).

Over and out for now. Thank you all so very, very much for your kindness, love and support.


36 thoughts on “Update: Ultrasound #2 at 7w1d

  1. Omg loved reading this fantastic news to start off a great weekend. Enjoy this amazing news and live to hear that baby is doing great. 😊

  2. Omg loved reading this fantastic news to start off a great weekend. Enjoy this amazing news and love to hear that baby is doing great. 😊 you got this!!

  3. Yay! Such great news! Your poor husband. It’s such a good reminder that hour hubbies feel the anxieties and stress of this crazy journey as much as wee do. Hope you both rest easy at least for the next few days and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

    • So true – they try to be strong silent types but it’s actually nice to see the veneer crack and know they’re as engaged as we are (emotionally albeit not physically). Thank you as always for your love and support!

    • I know, it’s weird how we need to see it to know they’re in the trenches with us. It’s so easy to forget when their roles are, from a physical perspective in a FET cycle in particular, so small and remote. Good luck to you as well in the coming weeks!!

  4. Aw poor guy. Sounds like he’s been burying all the anxiety and trying to tough it out. Made himself physically ill when it all came to the surface.
    Wonderful to hear everything’s going so well. x

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