Busy Azulito

Azulito, the little embryo that could, has been growing like mad recently. More on that in a moment.

On Monday this week I had blood drawn (9 vials!) at Dr. Braverman’s Long Island office for my second immune panel analysis. Reprosource will get my blood on Tuesday, November 25, 2014. In about two weeks I should get a full report and analysis about these results as compared to my initial results in July and my results at 4 weeks into this pregnancy (really 2 weeks because those first two weeks were the FET lead-up to transfer).

I am hoping that everything continues to remain stable and in particular that my angry cytokines (particularly but not only my Natural Killer cell activity) continue to accept the rainbow of medications and play nicely with others. I also hope there is no hint of an adaptive response by my immune system, meaning I do not want it trying to do an end-run around the cocktail of medications and attacking poor Azulito as has happened so many times before in my unmedicated pregnancies.

A visit to Dr. Braverman’s office is not complete absent a date with the dildo-cam. Monday’s ultrasound showed a wiggly Azulito measuring 24.4 mm or 9 weeks 1 day. That’s four days ahead based on my transfer date. Baby’s little heart sounded amazing – and amazingly fast – as it galloped along at 182 bpm. The blood flow within my uterus is showing “10 out of 10” according to Dr. Braverman, which is important for placenta formation and a very good sign.

In other news, I have been wondering whether Azulito might be an Azulita. The LP does not want to find out baby’s sex before birth. He is pretty steadfast about this but said I can find out and not tell him. How would that work? Not at all in my case. I have a friend who did this as her husband wanted the surprise as well. But she has a better poker face than I do. And a less slippery tongue I bet. I would never make it through two more trimesters keeping that intimate information under my belt.

So where does that leave me? Disregarding the LP’s wishes – even if by inadvertence – or disregarding my own wish to know this baby’s gender. I have had to ask myself why I want to know.

At first it was because I was so flooded with fear and anxiety and I wanted to know as much as I could do I might better be able to bond with this baby. But I was madly in love with the Miracle Toddler long before he arrived on scene and announced he was not a girl as almost everyone predicted but a wonderful little boy. Clearly I can bond with gender being a mystery. Or an unconfirmed hunch.

There are practical reasons of course. In fact practicality is what has prompted me to muse over this. We are considering doing the MaterniT21-PLUS non-invasive prenatal testing and unless you forbid it the lab reports the baby’s sex with the chromosomal results.

As for other practical matters, in support of finding out is whether we will get to reuse all of the boy things from the Miracle Toddler? Or can I accept others’ eagerness to buy girly things for the new bean? If I am being honest, I am not really fussed about that personally. I know others will have strong views to the contrary but this is our hard-won baby and I don’t feel the need to please others in our decision-making about the pregnancy. Not that I am inclined to that sort of thing anyway.

I don’t have any other really good reasons beyond curiosity. Am I missing something? Do any of you have strong feelings about why you would want to or have either found out or waited for the ultimate surprise?

34 thoughts on “Busy Azulito

  1. I feel Id need to know to be able to prepare properly lol. That’s how I roll, surprises are not my thing. My wife thinks otherwise and for her it’s because she just feels like the surprise is worth the wait.

    • The surprise was 100% worth the wait for me with the MT especially after everything we went through to have him. This time might feel even more like an achievement. I think a part of me is afraid something will derail the current good news and i will lose thos baby without having known if he was a she or vice versa and that thought unsettles me. But fear will not be my reason for finding out. I need it not to be fear.

  2. I think you know me. I would HAVE to know. As a planner, I want to have it all ready before baby comes. I suck at keeping secrets from my husband, so I feel your pain there. Maybe he would be keen to do like a gender reveal thing? You could go to that special restaurant, have a nice supper and open the envelope over dessert?

  3. I’ve been waiting all day for this update. I am so excited to see happy news!!
    I would never find out – which is odd because I always want to know everything. I figure it’s life’s one mystery that technology doesn’t need to take away from us. But, I totally understand why parents find out early.

  4. Yay healthy baby! I love a good mystery but my curious husband would never let us wait to know. So very happy for this good news.

  5. Happy news! So glad baby is growing so wonderfully and ahead of schedule!

    I personally want to know the gender but I’m an embarrassingly curious person. Would telling the MT it’s a baby brother or sister factor into your decision?

  6. Yay for things going well! πŸ™‚ We didn’t really consider not knowing (although it’s too early to know now). I just kind of want to know. It would be okay if we didn’t know. In some respects, it would be better not to tell other people because I don’t want to get all pink or blue stuff. For me, I think it just makes it more real. I hope that makes sense. Much love to you! ❀

  7. Oh my gosh, I have been thinking about you and am so happy to read this update. I’m thrilled that Azulito/a is being an overachiever.

    I found out the sex of my daughter for the bonding reason. And for me, I did start to bond more once I found out, and the whole pregnancy also felt more real. This time (because there will be a this time, dammit), I’m going to have one of those reveal parties, and have some goofy pink or blue cake or balloon box and find out the sex of the baby together with my family and friends. Tim is totally against this, by the way, because he thinks it’s cheesy. And it is totally cheesy…but so? I’m going to take every opportunity to celebrate this baby I can get. Anyway, sorry for digression, back to you. I think if you can work on your poker face and slippery tongue then you should just go ahead and find out the sex. I want you to both be able to have what you want in this situation!

  8. I want to know as there’s lots of “let’s hope it’s a girl” and in the day of birth announcement I don’t want ANYONE saying ‘oh no. Not another boy!’
    When I was born my gran said “not another girl” and as Mum wasn’t a fan of my MIL I got to hear that she said that quite a bit.
    So for me, and I don’t care either way (love boys. Get to reuse things) it’s about others needing to mentally prepare!

  9. Yay for a wiggly Azulito measuring 4 days ahead! That is so wonderful! I’m beyond thrilled for you hon! As for finding out the sex, that is such a personal decision and if you think you can wait to find out for the LP, then I say to heck with what others have to say!

  10. I just read through the comments and I like Awaiting Autumns suggestion! It would still be a surprise, but you’d get to find out sooner! I hope the LP goes for it!

      • It’s funny, when we were pregnant with Holdon, I wanted to be surprised, but Arun really wanted to know so I caved, and we found out. But then with this pregnancy, I didn’t even hesitate to know. I think I felt the same way as you. I just felt like with everything we have been through, knowing the sex made it more real for me. Hopefully the LP will change his mind, but if not, it would be pretty special to be surprised too. πŸ™‚

  11. I have images of little Azulito/a dancing around in your belly and it warms my heart. This is a great way to start my morning! As far as the gender is concerned, I NEVER wanted to know, until we were actually pregnant, and then I was all over it!!! I NEEDED to know, but i’m not sure if I would be able to keep it a secret from Callie.

  12. We mostly wanted to know whether we were saving our daughter’s things. I had a more private reason though that I never shared with my husband: I am in an interfaith marriage, I am Jewish, he is a “lapsed Presbyterian” – though we are both essentially agnostic. If I were to have a boy, it might bring up some future conversations about whether or not to observe some traditions from my ancestors.

    • That is very interesting. My Mom was Jewish and I expect she rolled over in her ashes when I chose not to circumcise our son. The LP isn’t Jewish but was shocked I made that choice. Some traditions are not for me but we must all choose our own path. I have the same ideas about saving our son’s things but that alone would not make me find out. I am feeling a little more torn today. It comes and goes.

  13. Personally, I have had enough surprises in my life, so I wanted to know asap. We did the MaterniT21 and found out at 13 weeks. I felt like it gave me time to adjust to whatever predictions I had made (which were incorrect) and begin to bond with the idea of whomever was growing inside me. I don’t know why it mattered to me to find out, because a baby is a baby is a baby and boy or girl is sort of no matter. But I’ve had enough surprises.
    PS. This is all amazing. πŸ™‚

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