Some Good News to Start a New Week

This will be brief but much more upbeat than my last couple of posts.

Today’s ultrasound brought some much needed relief. Azulito/a is measuring a full week ahead, looking like a teeny person (except in 3d when s/he appears rather alien), and had a heart rate of 176 this morning.

I know we are not out of the woods but for today I am both deeply grateful and viscerally relieved. I hope that measuring big is not a sign of something bad I don’t know about (since I’ve always measured behind even in our one ultimately successful pregnancy). I’ve asked Dr. B to avoid any more unnecessary surprises but I truly hope his answer is along the lines of “of course not” rather than “only if it when…”

Thank you all so very much for your warmth, friendship, support, love and company. You really do make a difference.


52 thoughts on “Some Good News to Start a New Week

  1. Can’t ask for better than that! Yay! Those 3d ultrasounds are super creepy, BTW. Remember, with every passing day, you are one step closer to being “out of the woods.”

  2. I’m so happy to hear this great news to a start of many good weeks to follow. Keep growing little one 😊 keep smiling!!

  3. So relieved! As you know our little guy has been measuring ahead from the start too and my doctor is not concerned at all. Keep it up Azulito!

    • Yes, I was thinking of you in particular but I wasn’t sure how early Little Man started measuring significantly ahead. Was it right from the very early scans? I can’t wait to see photos of him after his birth – you are so close now!

    • Ha ha. You have had the whirlwind tour of drama by catching up on the last 3 posts at once! Thank you. I do get the sense with this baby as I did with the Miracle Toddler that there is some fierce determination to have a life on this earth inside each of them. I hope and pray it prevails in this case as it did with the MT.

      • Good, I’m glad you have the same feeling with MT! I really think our intuitions are telling. I remember with Lettie I was an anxious wreck, but I had a deeper feeling that everything would be ok in the end, and it was. With my pregnancy a couple of Julys ago, I was weirdly not anxious, but I never had that feeling that everything would work out, and it did not work out. So I don’t know, maybe it was coincidence, but I do think our bodies sometimes know things on a deeper level. I’m thinking about you guys and praying that your sense is right on the money!

  4. Can you tell how much was cost of meds suggested by Dr braverman was it covered in insurance and is going to wean them at some point

    • I have insurance covering all meds except Intralipid. Cost is about $3500 per month I think, roughly. Yes we will wean off except Lovenox. When depends on whether my immune system starts cooperating again. If it had been cooperative I would be weaning around this time and already off some of the hormones (I am 11 weeks tomorrow).

  5. So happy for you! At our last scan, we measured a week ahead as well. According to my LMP I should have been 10w3d, but the little one measured 11w4d. It was with a new doctor and new ultrasound equipment, so I’m not sure if that was part of it. My doctor did not indicate there was anything to worry about, and I think I get so relieved that I’m not measuring behind that I didn’t ask. Hoping that our fast growing babes are just extra strong and determined!

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