Nuchal Update

* pregnancy mentioned *

This will have to be brief. Life is moving at lightning speed and I am dead tired almost all the time. But I don’t want you all to worry so here goes.

Belligerent baby would not cooperate with the Nuchal Translucency scan yesterday. It took a very very long time, much repositioning, forced coughing, distressed bladder, drained bladder and more repositioning and coughing before there were finally enough measurements for us to avoid having to repeat the scan next week. The NT measurement was 1.10 which is perfect I think. Baby was measuring 60.1mm, putting it at 12w4d or a week ahead by transfer date, 6 days ahead from my 6-week dating ultrasound. By the due date Dr. B gave me at that first ultrasound I am 11w6d today.

I get to stop the PIO injections and Estrace tablets and suppositories tomorrow or Thursday cold turkey. I am a little worried how I will feel then and through the transition off of them but hopefully all will be well in time. I expect the dry skin I usually have in pregnancy to crop up so I have bought a small humidifier for my office and may get a second one for our bedroom. Our old one died.

I am to stop Neupogen soon too but will stay on Lovenox throughout the pregnancy, Prednisone as necessary no later than 20 weeks and Intralipid as long as necessary based on immune monitoring, the next round of which is next week Monday with results to follow in about two weeks.

After today I am reducing to bi-weekly acupuncture unless my anxiety levels or liver or other channels start acting up. The times they are a changing. I am trying to feel positive about all of this. Much of the time these days I feel as though I am barely keeping it together.

The worry never leaves but with the abatement of immune symptoms now that I am on 60 mg of Prednisone (which is wreaking havoc on my emotional stability, parenting and vocabulary, let me tell you) I feel a little less paranoid. One day at a time. Please, little baby, please stick around.


22 thoughts on “Nuchal Update

  1. , 60mg of Prednisone is enough to drive anyone insane–I’ve been there. And it’s scary going off the hormones, IMHO. But it sounds like Azulito is thriving and I’m delighted that the NT scan went well! Hang in there sweets, sending you love ❤ XOXO

  2. Yay! All good news here. So happy for you and thinking of you always. Apparently I’ve been watching too many Rankin and Bass Xmas specials because I keep thinking “put one foot in front of the other” and get the song in my head. But the sentiment is appropriate: one day at a time. Sorry, that might be a pretty obscure reference ….I mean well!😀

  3. Wonderful, happy news! You were in my thoughts yesterday…double NT scan day! We really are cycle sisters because I was measuring at 12w3d yesterday (a few days ahead) and the NT was 1.2…very similar (and good!) results between our little ones! Long distance high five! I owe you a much belated email; this cold has really kicked my tail the past 2 weeks. Despite my poor communication skills, know you have been on my mind and always in my prayers. Congrats on reaching another milestone!

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