Some Truly Great News… Finally!

* pregnancy mentioned *

It is with immeasurable relief that I can finally say that our MaterniT.21 test results have come back with a “Normal” result. I nearly burst into tears of joyful relief when Dr. Braverman announced the results this morning at my appointment with him. As he said, one more major hurdle crossed.

Our ultrasound this morning also brought reassuring news. Azulito/a is still measuring ahead but was too big to get a reliable crown-rump length (CRL) so Dr. B took measurements of the femur, head circumference and abdomen. The latter two indicated 13w6d and 14w respectively while the femur measurement indicated 13w1d. I’m happy with all of that.

Make that ecstatic. My relief is visceral. Palpable. I feel it every time I inhale. I had a great deal of anxiety about how this ultrasound would go since I stopped the Neupogen as well as the progesterone and estrogen supplementation last week at 12 weeks. Even if my cytokines and chemokines may yet be acting up at least baby is continuing to grow and look absolutely freaking fabulous.

Did I mention my relief is palpable?

I am to remain on the 60 mg of Prednisone until my two weeks are up then drop down to 40 mg and monitor symptoms. If they come back we will bump it up again but then we need to taper to nothing by 20 weeks so we are well clear of the 24-week mark where I won’t have the enzyme to prevent that drug from crossing the placenta anymore. I will stay on 40 mg of Lovenox for now and if today’s test results indicate throughout the rest of this pregnancy (God and Universe willing). The Intralipids will also continue biweekly until further notice or an indication that they are no longer needed when today’s immune monitoring blood test results come back in about two weeks.

I asked Dr. B about monitoring for the third trimester complications associated with my immune conditions. He would like my Ob to schedule ultrasounds at least every four weeks starting at 24 weeks to check baby’s growth and doppler blood flow levels. If all results are normal we carry on every four weeks. If not there will need to be more frequent monitoring. I am also to watch for headaches and upper right quadrant pain (symptoms of preeclampsia or toxaemia) and report any to my OB and Dr. B immediately.

I have not yet seen my OB as I have chosen to remain under the prenatal care of my family physician whose practice is focused on conception support, early prenatal care, postnatal care and pediatric care. She is the Miracle Toddler’s doctor too and has seen me through all but my first two of ten pregnancies. She has left it up to me when I have her transfer my care to my OB, who heads high-risk obstetrics at our local women’s hospital (where the Miracle Toddler was born). I see her tomorrow so I will discuss this new advice from Dr. B with her and see what makes the most sense.

In other news, I apologize not updating sooner. I actually wrote a post a few days ago so that none of you would be worrying whether I was alive and still functioning. WordPress had that post for lunch. I was so short on time, energy and patience that I could not replicate it.

Please forgive me for my delinquency. The past two weeks have been unbelievably busy and rather anxiety-laden for me, which often prompts me to shut down somewhat. I hope you were not worrying. Please know how incredibly grateful I am for all of the love, encouragement, hope and support you have shares with me. You are the best. I love you guys so much!

On that happy sappy note I wish each of you a healthy and peaceful holiday season and a truly empowered and dream-fulfilling new year.


41 thoughts on “Some Truly Great News… Finally!

  1. Sorry, didn’t have time for a full comment earlier but I was so happy to read this that I needed to respond. I’m so glad things are going well (as well as possible). I’m sorry the results were so late but glad they came back with the right answer. ❤

    • Thank you. Your support means bery much to me. I am cheering you and Sam on at this time too and hoping you are finding some peace and comfort amidst the darker moments that must make their appearance given your history around this time of year. Thinking of you.

  2. I’m so happy to hear this great update about you both. Sending prayers for continued good news. Looking forward to more great updates. 😊

  3. Well look at God ! He is showing up and showing out is He not? 🙂 I am sooooo happy that my little niece or nephew cooking in there is continuing to progress. Tell the LP we are gonna fight over this not knowing the gender thing LOL. Tell him he is ruining our Christmas joy LOL….well, at least you know so that is comfort enough. What a Merry Christmas you two will have and I am soooooo very happy that Azulita (i am gonna go with that !) is growing in there and hanging out until such a time SHE will come out and join the MT !! Merry Christmas and congrats !!

    • Thank you so much! The LP took sone grief from his family yesterday too but held fast. The relief is so welcome and hopefully sticks around. I hope you enjoyed time with loved ones too in celebrating Christmas day. Im

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