Seriously, Universe?

After everything else the LP and I have endured to get to this point did you really need to bless me with horrible morning (and all day) sickness beginning in the late second and ramping up in the third trimester of this pregnancy?


How can this be?  

However it can, it sucks.  And it is kicking my behind.  I actually left work yesterday because of it and had to drag myself in this morning despite it.

There is always something, isn’t there?


40 thoughts on “Seriously, Universe?

    • It truly is ridiculous, isn’t it? With each week’s reduction in prednisone it has gotten worse too. I’m guessing I would have suffered terribly but for the steroids all this time.

      Thanks so much for writing. I’ve been thinking of you heaps lately.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that really hope you feel better soon. Just not fair after all what you have been through cant you catch a break.. Wishing you well to both baby and u.. Update for me. I have had the miscarriage and this journey just gets more interesting.. Hugs

  2. I’m sorry that you’re suffering nausea on top of all the other challenges you’re managing. Did you try making Magnesium? I’ve heard that helps, I’m taking natural calm each day now in the hopes that it will help. Also when I was pregnant with the twins and before I got Zofran the Dr. told me to take more B6 as that was supposed to help. Is it maybe related to tapering down your other meds? Sending good wishes…

    • Thank you my friend. I have been trying the CALM nightly. I am pretty sure it is at least in part related to tapering off the prednisone (steroid) which suppresses nausea. I was nauseous off and on throughout our toddler’s pregnancy too but not this severe this late in the game. I took B6 daily until a few weeks ago. That might be the other contributing factor. Time to go buy more B6!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. I could call the doc and see if you can get something ahead of your net appointment. That’s just wrong that you have to deal with this at this stage of the game. Thinking of you!

      • I can only imagine. I saw a good friend of mine have debilitating all day sickness. If she didn’t take medication, she would not have been able to function her whole pregnancy. We took the train into NYC together when she was about months pregnant and she had forgotten her medication and as TERRIFIED and insisted we get off at the next stop so we could turn around and get it. At the next stop, barely outside of the doors she threw her whole life up! It was terrible. Her WHOLE ENTIRE pregnancy! Poor thing….I do hope it gets better friend…

        • Whoa. That’s nasty! Thanks so much for the hope. I hope it will pass and that the nausea and recent onset of bad heartburn are not symptoms of something going wrong due to my immune issues.

  4. Awwww. Well, one way to look at it n is that morning sickness is a sign of a very healthy pregnancy. Women who have morning sickness are less likely to miscarry ! # go figure

    Invest in some raw ginger for boiling into a tea with raw sugar and ginger candy… i think I posted a recipe for lemon cookies for morning sickness earlier on.

    • Good idea. I’m trying not to be that “boy who cried wolf” patient while also being responsible and asking about things that might signal danger. I am at the Perinatology clinic this coming Wednesday. I will ask about it then. Thank you. Did you have bad nausea when you developed preeclampsia?

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