Respiratory Virus + 3rd Trimester “Morning” Sickness = Ugh!

I have been and remain very sick with a respiratory virus that has me hacking until I either gag/vomit or pee myself. Or both. Both is especially fun. I slept about 2 hours last night between coughing madly and getting up to change pyjama pants. I am bitter and exhausted. 

As if this exquisite torture isn’t enough, I’m extremely light-headed and plagued by unrelenting nausea even when I take the maximum dose of Diclectin for this third-trimester “morning” sickness. 

Anyone else been here? I remember Plan Y having a terrible chest infection in the third trimester and suffering for what seemed like forever from it.  She lived. So I think there is hope for me. 

In other news? I don’t really have anything too revelatory. I look forward to feeling better one of these days. Today I have opted not to bring this virus into my workplace and just changed the sheets (hoping this will make it comfortable enough that I may for once succeed at napping in the daytime. 

I hope everyone is managing or better and I especially hope none of you catch this nasty virus.  Cheers, friends!


43 thoughts on “Respiratory Virus + 3rd Trimester “Morning” Sickness = Ugh!

  1. I think I am at the very start of the virus, I’ve found myself coughing yesterday and still today, but so far I don’t feel too sick. But, as a mild asthma person I always get a little nervous when I start coughing because i know it’s going to linger forever. All that said, I cannot even begin to imagine how miserable you are hacking up a lung while pregnant. I hope you recovery quickly!!

    • Oh no! I had only an annoying tickling cough at first too but yesterday it became atrocious and was accompanied by aches and pains all over (flu, anyone?). I have mild asthma too and my chest hurts. I’m considering getting this looked at for fear it may become bronchitis or pneumonia. I have not coughed like this since I last had pneumonia. 😦

  2. I’m so sorry that your sick. I hope you get some good rest and shake it off. I know the feeling I’ve caught this crazy virus as well. Doesn’t want to leave me. Update: our doc has now said he wants to do a fresh donor cycle so now the planning begins. We used frozen before.. Good times. Rest up and feel better.

  3. I’m still waiting for you to catch a break and for something to just come easy. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Fresh sheets make everything better!

  4. Yuck. So sorry to hear. The reality of pregnancy is SO un-glamorous. I am still fighting off the respiratory gunk myself, on week three now (or is it four? who the hell knows). But I am not prego and not battling nausea, so it doesn’t compare. Though both my girls had it, the little one having just finished a course of antibiotics because it wasn’t clearing up and developed into sinusitis/ear infection. The antibiotics led to horrible loose stools for her, which meant multiple diaper blowouts each day. The skin is completely rubbed off my hands from laundry related scrubbing. It is literally peeling off. So, a totally different and yet also rather unpleasant experience related to this virus nastiness. Get well!!

  5. I can’t bring myself to ‘like’ this post. I am so sorry you’re so ill! That sounds absolutely horrible. I got really, really sick during my third trimester. And of course, couldn’t take ANYTHING for it. It was horrible. But here I am, living to tell the tale. Feel better soon.

    • Thank you. It’s a sad irony about illness and drugs isn’t it? I was thinking this morning that it would have been better if I got sick in the 2nd tri because risks to baby are lower than than in the other two trimesters. Go figure. I wish my chest didn’t hurt. 😦

    • I’m Rx’ed 4 but MFM said one can take up to 6 per day safely. She offered me a month at 6 per day but I said 4 because some days that’s enough plus I can’t drive or work if I’m popping two at a time during the day. I’ve taken two at a time at work out of necessity but then can’t drive home until no longer stoned. Thanks for the kind wishes. How are you feeling lately?

  6. Wishing you well and hope you get better soon! Being sick sucks, but when one is already suffering the un-glamorous pregnancy stuffs, it just makes it even worse. Plus I always think it can’t be good for the bubs either. Hugs and e-chicken soup! 🙂

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about this! 😦 I wish you as speedy of a recovery as possible. I’m sending positive healing thoughts your way! ❤

    • Thank you so much. I am feeling worse and last night my lungs and chest were on fire and so sore. I’m wondering if maybe I need to get this checked out? Thanks so much for your healing thoughts and very kind words. I hope you are hanging in there and things are not too stressful.

      • It sound like a good idea to get it checked out. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so lousy. 😦 Hugs to you! ❤

  8. Have you tried making the sore throat/cough remedy I posted? Organic honey, cloves, lemon wedges cinnamon sticks, a lot of ginger root, crystallized ginger pieces. Put in an airtight container and keep in fridge. Spoon a few large spoonfuls into a large mug and add hot water and drink as a tea. You can steep a bag of decaf green tea in it if you like and raw sugar. It really helps!

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