Do I need to feel like crap in my countdown week?

Time for a pity party. You’re all invited. 

Less than a week until baby Azulito/a’s birth. I wanted this to be like a honeymoon. In reverse. The pre-wedding honeymoon.  (That should have been a tip-off that I’d lost my mind, right? Who can enjoy a relaxing vacation the week before getting married? Movie stars and the rich I imagine. Not most of us plebes.)

I have had almost constant heartburn and nausea for the past couple of weeks. The nausea has actually been around for the past 2 months but at first the prescription meds helped with that. Not anymore. My upper body is very short and baby and uterus have run out of room and been wreaking havoc on my stomach and esophagus. 

Can you say reflux?

I’d rather not, thank you. Yuck. 

I haven’t been sleeping well. Or much. I am still fighting with stillbirth fears and anxiety. I’ve pulled out the Doppler daily this past week as a means of quelling those fears as movements have reduced, hopefully because Baby A is out of room at the Inn and not for any other reason. 

I’ve chopped 4 inches off my hair, had the Miracle Toddler’s formerly wild mane chopped by almost as many inches, have scheduled the dog for her haircut on Friday, washed all the baby clothes and cloths and carriers, scheduled my vehicle to be serviced today and thanked the LP for cleaning a good chunk of the house last weekend. I’m short, I’m trying to feel ready for this delivery.

Now if I could only remedy feeling sick, quell the anxiety and get some decent sleep… 

30 thoughts on “Do I need to feel like crap in my countdown week?

  1. I keep wishing you are going to feel good at some point during this pregnancy! But, I guess you are simply running out of time to feel good or sick, which in many ways is great because soon enough your little Azulito/a will be here!! I’m so excited for you to meet your little one and for you to stop feeling sick constantly.

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry! I guess you are going to get zero breaks here. Arg! I so understand about the stillbirth fears. If I ever make it that far I will be the exact same way. I mean, I was that way with Lettie so I’m sure it would be worse after everything that’s happened in between. Have you been doing kick counts? They were annoying, but always reassured me with Lettie. I had an anterior placenta so I rarely felt her unless I was looking for it. Hang in there! Not too long until you’re a mom of two healthy children!

    P.S. I’m writing this from the waiting room of Dr. B’s swanky Park Ave. office.

  3. I’m dreading the lack of space to come (+heartburn + nausea). To me, it sounds like you ARE more than ready. Hang in there Momma. I can’t wait for baby to arrive! I hope all of your sickness and anxiety disappears with the first glimpse of baby’s face.

  4. Aw. Yeah, I felt like hell right before delivering both my girls. It’s quite unfair. With Peanut, I took a downward turn at around 34 weeks and with Bunny it was more like at the 26-28 weeks mark. Both were born at 39w2d. That final stretch is no joke. No fun at all. I pretty much didn’t sleep for the entire pregnancy with both girls. Now that is a cruel joke. Shouldn’t that be the final hurrah before the REAL sleep deprivation starts?

    Hang in there, hon. And know that you are on the home stretch. Despite how crappy you are feeling, which sucks, I’m still so very excited for you right now!

    • Thank you. It is unfair. But as my mom always reminded me, life isn’t fair. 😉 I remember you saying you were feeling lousy too. It’s all worth it in the end of course and that’s what I am clinging to now.

  5. A few more days…you’ve made it this far, and I know you and baby will make it to the end of the finish line, and all will be well. Thinking of you and sending you strength, mama.

  6. Not long now 6 ish days to go till Baby arrives . Stay positive, you have come a long way this is just the last hurdle to get through. my thoughts and prayers are with all everyday .

  7. I feel so bad for you that you are feeling so miserable. I am grateful that you only have a few more days to endure and then you get to enjoy a different kind of no sleep and worry. You will also have a sense of relief because you can hold the little one and lay eyes on him/her. Praying for a smooth delivery and a healthy happy and sleepy baby so mommy can rest !! 🙂

  8. I’ve been thinking about you and am so excited for Azulito/a’s pending arrival! I’m sorry you’re spending the last week miserable though 😦

  9. I applaud that you wanted a “something”moon right before arrival but at least for us it was just like you are experiencing!!! Get some sleep. Start doing everything one handed. Figure out your favorite take out joints and have the menus on hand…watch a movie and get ready for the ride of your life! So excited and can’t wait for download.

  10. That sucks. I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy and that you’ve got so many errands to run this week. Good thing is that you’re getting prepared and certain annoying tasks out of the way (car servicing). I hope the heartburn and nausea fade soon! Worst case scenario, it’ll be over after Azulito/a arrives!

  11. Glad to see an update. I have been thinking of you. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with feeling so terrible at this point. I know it’s a struggle but you are a trooper and you’re almost done. You can do it! I am sending you all good wishes over this next week and beyond once baby A is in your arms.

  12. Thinking of you…. and sorry you are feeling so yucky. Will be thinking of you in the coming days and hoping you feel even a little bit better while you watt for Azulito/a to arrive. Sending you a big virtual hug.

  13. The countdown is on. I wish that theses last few days wouldn’t have been so stressful and relaxing but I think baby is keeping mama occupied.. Wishing you good luck and hope you get some rest before baby arrives.. Positive thoughts for a safe delivery.. 😊

  14. I was in the same boat as you–my reflux was so bad that I couldn’t eat anything after 5pm because I’d have monstrous heartburn and wake up aspirating. And I got sick at least once a day (usually morning) even with the Zofran. But it QUIT the moment I gave birth! So while you may suffer until that moment, it will make your postpartum days feel that much sweeter (I’ve actually *gained* a few pounds due to hormones and an insatiable sweet tooth postpartum & I don’t care!) So excited for you!!! But I totally get the stillbirth phobia. I clung to my NST results (she showed no signs of distress) but *still* had moments of panic (and no doppler). XOXO

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