Dear Life: You have a peculiar sense of humour. 

This week has been hectic as I have tried to prepare to go on maternity leave from work and have a cesarean delivery on Tuesday afternoon.  I’ve also been puking and whining about the incessant sick feelings from baby crushing my stomach, guts, esophagus. 

The LP has been busy trying to prepare for his next trial which starts on Monday while finishing up the 10th week of the last trial.  Fun times all around!

I should say he has been preparing for the 3-week trial that was *supposed to start* on Monday of next week (yes, the day before Azulito/a is scheduled to enter the world and our arms. A story for another day, that is!). 

Instead, this afternoon the LP was shuffled by an ophthalmologist to his former retinal surgeon’s office when a perpetually bloodshot eye turned out to be a much bigger issue than originally expected.  The LP is now booked for surgery first thing Monday morning – on what is supposed to be my last day of work and his first day of that 3-week trial. 

Bad luck? Poor timing? Or a truly unfortunate sense of humour? It is hard to say what’s behind all of this. Clearly we are not in charge!

The hope is that Monday’s initial corrective surgery (essentially snipping off a loose end of stitching that came undone and is impaling a blood vessel and making it bleed into and out of the eye) will solve the problem. If not, the LP may be in for another major eye surgery where the surgeon removes the old stuff and reattaches the retina with a new “buckle”. That is a horrendous procedure that involves the deposit of a gas bubble in the eye which prevents air travel and generally was a life changer the last time the LP had it done. 
The timing of this could not really be worse. But what can be done? Nothing. Eye surgery like this is serious business and can’t really be postponed. And neither can our baby’s delivery. So… Next week is bound to be a barrel of monkeys. And then some. 

Wish us luck!


51 thoughts on “Dear Life: You have a peculiar sense of humour. 

  1. Omg really geez.. Sending you good luck for this next week and that all goes well with you , baby and hubby!!

  2. Oh no, how horrible!! It’s never a good time to need eye surgery, but seriously this is just bad timing! Sending my love to LP and you! And desperately hoping he does not need the major surgery!

  3. Oh dear……life does indeed have a very odd sense of humour (much like hitting ones funny bone, it’s not one bit funny). Hopefully that eye situation can be sorted easily! Geez, as if you didn’t have enough going on. But…’s coming, you know when and how. Focus on that. Xoxo

  4. I wish you could have seen my eyes pop out of my head when I read the LP is having surgery the day before baby’s arrival! Haha oh my! You are in for an adventure. I hope both experiences go smoothly and you can be home resting, recovering and loving your new child.

    • Thank you so much. I had the same reaction when I got an email from his assistant saying he knew i was at the hospital for my preadmission appt but didn’t want me to worry (because of course he lost his brand new cell phone weeks ago and I couldn’t reach him if he me directly). This is not our first time with him needing emergency retinal surgery but first time with timing this atrocious. He was really sad last night and I get that. This is not at all how we would like things to be. He had hoped to get another lawyer to cover Wed/Thur at the trial next week so he could be with me and baby. Not happening now as he needs to be there for trial opening. Insane. I am looking forward to being blessed out with baby and MT, gritting teeth and sobbing hormonal sobs while I reacquaint myself with the tortures of breastfeeding so I can forget about all of this mayhem. I would not wish this level of chaos and stress on anyone!!!

  5. Your adventures in life should really be on the big screen ! I am praying that this surgery with LP on Monday does the trick. I hope he will be able to help put with the baby and MT. I am excited that the new baby will finally be here and can not wait to see the pics of him/her. Enjoy the next two days and relax as much as you can. Try not to worry about LP. We are all praying for a speedy recovery !!

  6. What lot to cope with. i am not a particularly a religious person but my cousin is , so i asked her to include you in her prayer circle that she holds everyday to say a prayer of protection for you and your family . She did it for me when i faced some hurdles and i felt safe in the knowledge that is was being done , it gave me that Little bit of extra strength i needed to get through . So everyday a 6 A.M here in the UK a prayer is being said for you for the next 3 days .x.

  7. I still cannot compute this! I will be thinking about you and the LP tomorrow and, of course, on Tuesday. And guess what? I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before now, but Tim and Baby A will share the same birthday! Yay! It’s a good day to be born. 🙂

    • Oh my God that is so awesome. The LP has been grumbling all day yesterday and today after looking up celebrities with the same birthday and being completely disgruntled with baby A sharing a birthday with Johnny Depp (whom I don’t mind but the LP holds in a fierce disregard!). I will tell him this is a lucky day.

  8. Thinking of you and the LP today. Holding space for the best possible outcome to the LPs surgery (even if it’s not the quick resolution you think it should be). And sending heaps of love and blessings for Azulito/a’s safe arrival tomorrow.

  9. I’m late seeing this…been out of touch…but I think my jaw is still all the way down to the floor after reading this! OMG, OMG, OMG! I just cannot believe it! I just…. wow….I don’t even know what to say. By the time you read this who knows what will be happening with you and your family!!! Thinking of you, my dear. xoxo

    • Well, it’s all over. The LP is whimpering as though he gave birth, I want to go for a walk and baby A has already figured out how to latch and opened eyes for the first time to see big brother the MT. It’s been a busy day that started with me waking up soaked in blood. Everyone is fine now though thankfully.

      • GASP!!!! Are you kidding me? Oh WOW! That is beyond amazing and I’m sooooo relieved that you are all ok! And thrilled beyond description for you! Crying tears of joy and relief. I know you will fill in details when you are able. In the meantime take good care of yourself and baby A and know that I’m thinking of you so very much. Sending you oh so much love! Xoxo

  10. Yikes! Why is it always something?! I know I’ve been a terrible blogging friend lately but just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. I hope your hubby’s surgery went well today and no further surgeries are required! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow as you finally get to meet Azulito. Praying your c-section goes smoothly. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes. Hugs hon! ❤️

    • Eye surgeries are my squeamish trigger too! I am pretty solid with medical procedures and wounds except to eyes and teeth. Broken teeth dreams freak me out as badly as eye surgeries and complications. This was the LP’s third major eye surgery. I feel sick just thinking about it! Thanks for the good wishes.

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