Free Fertility Book

I am excited to share this link to a free Kindle copy of a book published by one of the many acupuncturists I have worked with on our journey to have the Miracle Toddler and Baby Azulito.  


The free offering is only available until Friday, November 6, 2015 so act fast if you’re interested, folks. The book will be available for sale after that point. 

The book is entitled “Being Fertile: 10 Steps to Help You Overcome the Struggles of Infertility, Get Pregnant and Create a Happy, Healthy Family”.  I have not yet read it and receive no financial benefit for sharing this opportunity. (And I didn’t sanction the excessive use of commas in the subtitle, obviously.)

By way of background: Dr. Spence Pentland and his partner own Yinstill in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I found him to be a compassionate and caring practioner and generally nice guy (who clearly hasn’t finished last ;-)). I didn’t stay pregnant under his care but I would be happy to seek his care again if I needed to see someone in that area. 


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