Sweaters: Then and Now

When I was about five my cousin of the same age in the Netherlands asked for large photos of my brother and I for her bedroom wall. 

My mom took us to a professional photographer – the only time that ever happened in my childhood – and insisted I wear my brother’s sweater. I refused. She ignored that and put it on me. 

I refused to smile. No matter what the proferred reward. In the end my cousin got two poster-size prints. One of my brother smiling so intensely it resembled a grimace. And one of his stony faced sister wearing his sweater. 

A few weeks ago the miracle toddler and I saw cheesy holiday sweaters on sale. I asked him if he wanted to wear a different one or a larger version of the same sweater as his baby brother. He chose the same. At five months baby Azulito had no say. 

I’ve never bought a cheesy holiday sweater before. Now we own two. And some cute family photos of the children I fought tooth and nail to being home. 

I miss you Mom. And I’m sorry I was such a turkey that day. 

This post was inspired by Rarasaur.


25 thoughts on “Sweaters: Then and Now

  1. It’s super cute that the MT chose to wear a matching sweater with his little brother. And I bet the photo of you and your brother looked hilarious. Nice sweaters. 🙂

  2. Oh that’s the best thing about family photos– smiling, frowning, whatever– it’s still family. This is both sweet and fun, I love it. Thank you for sharing the story today. 😀

  3. I used to fight my mom on the things she insisted I wear.
    Is no one going to comment on your cousin who was the same age as you requesting poster-sized photos of her cousins for her wall? That is pretty darn cute!
    And the sweaters for your boys are adorable!

  4. Love the matching sweaters. I used to make fun of people who dressed their kids alike, but now that I’ve got my own it seems so much more appealing. Maybe his Dad and him can get matching sweaters? (I’m sure Mike would love this hahaha)

  5. LOL, love this story! Your little ones will be adorably cheesy and it will make a great memory for all! Well, except perhaps little baby A who will not remember it, of course! I say ride out the matching clothes thing until MT won’t have it anymore. That’s what I’m doing with my girls! Just to be *that* mom… because I can! (and only when Peanut is on board with it, in our case)

    • Yeah I won’t override my kids’ free will for a photo. Funny story: MT was so busy being a ham he forgot he was in charge of ensuring baby A didn’t fall over the edge of the photo shoot set up. Yeah. So. A loses his balance and adds a roll in there for good measure. Lands on the floor. Gives MT the stink eye and me a “really? What were you and dad thinking?” look. Luckily the photographer is a RN and diagnosed A as “just fine” so MT lived to tell about the escapade. Family photo fail!

  6. Hahaha, I wish I could have seen that picture of little pissy you! Those sweaters are pretty awesome — you’ll def need to get poster-sizes of the finished product. 😉 Hope you’re doing ok. Xo.

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