I made a blog book!

It could be said that I am not the most tech savvy human around. I can navigate legal research sites and the blogosphere. Kind of. Beyond that? I’m no Steve Jobs. 

But I can (and did!) make a book of the first 26 months of my blog. And dedicated it to my three (living) boys – LP, MT, A. All 295 pages of it. 

A photo of the cover:



22 thoughts on “I made a blog book!

    • I looked at 3 – lulu, blogbooker and blog2print. The first I considered so as to include comments but it was too labour intensive for my busy life and simple mind. The second I wanted to use because it’s non profit or user funded. I made a donation and… Their programs never #*^%#+ worked. So I used the last one which meant no comments. Given the size without comments and a few posts deleted I’m glad I did it this way.

  1. That’s great.. What a precious picture such beautiful boys!! 😊
    FYI.. We have decided to try one more time so the search for egg donor and sperm donor begins.. 🙈

  2. Aww I love the cover! I have always wanted to do one… I just feel that it’s not the right time yet. I guess I am waiting for my miracle to happen before I do one? Hmmm….

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