Abscessed Tooth at 14 Months?

Did someone stick the horseshoe up my behind the wrong way? 

Summer has been ridiculous. 

Busy. Exhausting. Ridiculous. 

Then last week came along. 

It began with a screaming 14 month old stealing the last few shards of sanity – and hope of sleep – on Sunday night. Repeat performances ensued until last Friday between about 1 am and 5 am. Same bad time. Same bad channel. 


Because the little critter was getting a new first molar. And it did not go as planned. Not at all. 

Apparently we make a very short list of families with infants-come-toddlers who developed an abscess while cutting new teeth. After the ER doctor diagnosed it the dentist insisted that was not possible. Until he saw it. 

Yeah. That’s us. Lucky as sin. 

The worst part was the balloon that replaced his one cheek where the evil abscess erupted. It lasted almost the entire week. Even now I am concerned the infection is not gone though the antibiotics are because the gum is still puffed up and inflamed. And the tooth hasn’t fully emerged. 

I am off to see the paediatrician momentarily. Wish us luck. 

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