And it Pours

Childhood mystery virus number 367.2(a) has struck. Of course. Why wouldn’t it? 

Thanks to the infection from baby A’s incoming first molar and the antibiotics used to treat it, his immune system took a hit. And now he has lesions on his tongue, an angry rash all over his body and slightly inflamed tonsils. 

Of course. Why wouldn’t he?

I had two hearings in court to attend today. Thankfully being in a larger law firm means others can handle those appearances. 

When we saw a third Doctor this morning she said at this point it’s very hard to know which virus the little fellow has caught. Yesterday the paediatrician mused it looked like Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis (try saying that three times quickly). But it doesn’t look like that. And she said if he had a rash we could not rule out a coxsackie virus (hand foot and mouth specifically). Because he didn’t have the rash yesterday morning. 

Of course. Why would he?

I am no doctor but I am nevertheless fairly confident that he doesn’t have a HSV1 outbreak in his mouth. I also don’t think this is presenting like coxsackie though it’s possible we may yet see the blistering on hands and feet. So far they just have the odd spot from the angry rash covering most of his body. 

One thing has been reliable over the past 10ish days. He will wake up between 1-2 am. And keep me and sometimes the LP (because misery needs company. Right?) up for 3-4 hours. Crying. Angry. Inconsolable. 

Enough already, Universe. You’ve had your fun. Move on. Now. 


15 thoughts on “And it Pours

  1. There’s something very wrong with the world right now. I follow a couple of blogs – probably 7 – so that I can really give them the attention they deserve and everyone’s life seems to be messy right now. In 15 days we’ll all be better. Hang in there – like you have a choice. =) Sending good thoughts, energy and prayers!

  2. Oh noooooooooooo! So sorry the little one is so sick 😦 Gee I hope they can give him something to at least let him sleep through it. I feel so bad for you guys… no sleep and feeling helpless. I hope MT is doing okay and not making it harder for you. Prayers sent up !!

  3. I immediately thought hand, foot and mouth as I was reading your description. I’m not a doctor, either, but my oldest had it as a toddler and never got anything on her hands or feet, either. She had a fever, red (and presumably sore) throat, the spots on her tongue, and a mild rash on her torso. I remember looking at the doc like she was crazy when it was diagnosed because how could it be hand, foot and mouth when there was nothing on either her hands or feet! But it was, and I also knew she had been exposed to that. Anyway, the bottom line with any virus, of course, is to find ways to make him as comfortable as possible so it can run its course. It sucks. (oh, and then I got it from her, so that was also fun….)

    And it sucks more on no sleep! For all of you. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Yucky. Crossing my fingers that all this passes as quickly as possible! Hang in there. 😦

    • Thank you. You’re likely right. The irony here is that the ER doc last week wondered about coxsackie too. Until he saw the tooth. Plus then the wee one had no swelling in his throat. Only the tooth. Damn viruses (virii?). Thank you for the support.

  4. This whole thing sucks big time. I am sorry, mama. Hope that you’ll get to the bottom of this fast to give him some relief and give you some rest and sleep. ❤

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