Penicillin Allergy

Why didn’t I think of that?

Despite my more than modest knowledge of immunological issues, my greater than average experience with allergic and histamine reactions and my awareness that childhood allergic reactions often do not follow first time exposure but rather develop after repeated exposure to the allergen… I failed to see this diagnosis coming. And I let my little guy suffer needlessly all week. 

Baby A (now Toddler A) and I just came home from the local Children’s Hospital. Thankfully the third doctor he saw this week – in the Emergency on said Children’s Hospital – immediately recognized what I had overlooked. The nurses had rushed Baby A in with lightning speed after assessing his rash/hives and recurrent medical visits of late (after 13+ months of purely banal medical history since his emergency arrival on earth), for which I am also thankful. 

By the time I decided emergency medical attention was in order this morning the rash had reached fiery, raging proportions and the poor boy had endured several rounds of inconsolable distress. One thing was clear: something was terribly wrong and getting worse.

There is a small risk he could develop trouble swallowing or breathing so I am to watch him closely. If that happens we must go back to the emergency immediately. He is on medication now so I’m hoping things will improve from this point forward instead. 

I have accepted this unfortunate series of events as a reminder. Or two. 

First, never take anything for granted. 

Second, don’t assume that a seemingly late reaction isn’t related to something outside immediate temporal proximity. (We finished the amoxi.cillin Monday night.)

On the good news front? The tooth that had gotten infected as it erupted looks good. It has not fully emerged but appears healthy and is not likely to need anything further beyond patience. 

Will I be glad when this wild ride ends. 

13 thoughts on “Penicillin Allergy

  1. Can I breathe now? I’m happy you were able to put your finger exactly over the cause of the rashes.. so, THAT’S a good thing. Plus, the tooth is out. And so will be this week. Pretty soon. Sending you lots and lots of love and energy, as usual! ❤

      • Yup blood test which was traumatic beyond belief. We went to the hospital for the blood draw as they said they would be most experienced. It still took 3 pokes. He fought it hard and I was in tears.

        • I would be too. Baby As blood sugar levels wouldn’t stabilize because he was early and he got poked a lot in his first week. I cried almost every time. We’d rather take a dozen pokes for their one.

  2. Wow. Just wow. I’m so relieved it’s figured out, but what a trek it’s been for all. Glad you have all turned the corner. Hindsight is always 20/20. You did all that you could for him.

  3. I am just getting caught up on all of these now. I am relieved they at least know the cause, and also relieved the tooth looks better. What a crazy ride, though! Please pour yourself a very stiff drink and kiss that baby. He will always be baby to me btw. None of this toddler stuff!

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