Some Good News!

Baby A has been given a referral to a paediatric immunologist by my very kind immunologist (I don’t think they make humans kinder than her). 

At my appointment this week I mentioned his recent episode and she was very concerned. She said that kind of reaction in a baby is rare. Usually penicillin allergies result from recurrent exposure she said. So she asked if I would mind her referring him to a colleague of hers she trusts. 

Why would I mind?

She wrote the referral right then and there and walked it up to reception for faxing. I had wanted to ask but didn’t want to overstep; ordinarily in our system that kind of referral should come from the paediatrician. But I couldn’t get baby A in to see her until mid October when I called early last week. 

In the not so good news department I need more allergy testing. So I’m off any antihistamines for a week. I can already feel the symptoms nipping at me and it’s only been 2 days without the antihistamines. Gah.

In other news, I had a disastrous week at work. There were tears. But I righted a wrong I had committed that hurt the feelings of someone I care about. There may have been some masochism and retail therapy as I worked through my shame and anger about everything. But peace is mostly restored and a new leaf turned over. 

Time to move on. 

Thank goodness for that. 

Back to the good news. 

This week’s ugliness at work was interrupted by the most thoughtful care packages for my boys sent by my sister-friend. Every night and morning there has been a request by MT to play with his gift. He also asked me to say thank you from him yesterday morning – what a lovely way to start the day!

On that note I will wish you all a kind, peaceful, emergency-free long weekend!

5 thoughts on “Some Good News!

  1. Yay ! What a thoughtful doc ! I hope they get to the bottom of Baby A’s allergies and ward off any future attacks. Praying they resolve yours as well. Have a great Labor Day weekend 🙂 (not sure if that is celebrated in Canada lol)

  2. So great to hear you’re having better days! Allergies suck, I’ve struggled with it since a baby too, hope A’s specialist can make it easier for you both. Work drama sounds awful, must feel good to have that sorted out too. Hugs

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