Parenting Fail

Yesterday the Miracle Toddler (no longer a toddler) called his paid caregiver a bad name. It had head in it. And some sort of cuss. 

Anyone who knows me will also know who is to blame for this vernacular. 

It isn’t his father. 

Damn it. I suck. 

I hereby promise to work harder at exorcising my cussing demons. 

I would say “farewell potty mouth” were I not a realist. 

Wish me luck. 

This will not be easy. 

14 thoughts on “Parenting Fail

  1. That’s hilarious and bad at the same time!! Mine learned my bad words from me as well.. BUT I have gotten SO much better!

  2. My kids can swear in various forms and vernaculars, but somehow along the way learned that you can never use words to hurt people (and that calling your sister a poo-poo head is worse than dropping f-bombs willy-nilly).

  3. My six year old apparently things that swearing is the best way to express yourself, I kind of agree with him, hence the reason he knows so many ‘expressive’ words! (I obviously don’t tell him this)
    oh yeah and my 21 month old says “oh shit” every time he drops something… everyday is a parenting fail in this house!
    Thanks for a giggle, your post made me feel less of a lonely foul mouthed failure πŸ˜€

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