I am so weary of the American election campaign. And of fertility, literary and other non-political bloggers telling readers what to do on Election Day (as irrelevant as that may be given the large numbers of early voters). I get fear and strong feelings. Just not the rest. 

Humans exhaust me. 


20 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I know, seriously! I am sick of the election. It’s literally giving me worry and keeping me up at night. And reading the views of bloggers I follow has made me lose respect for a number of people. I agree with your title. Ugh!

    • You know, I don’t mind people sharing how they feel. I just don’t see it as our place to grandstand for a particular candidate or party. But it’s the fear mongering on both sides that really upsets me.

        • I thought your post was sincere and explanatory. And chilling. You didn’t tell people how to vote, you said why you would not vote for someone whose ideas are draconian and terrifying. Not what I was getting at.

        • Yeah, I work really hard to not grandstand for candidates or parties in my blog. I am a workers’ rights advocate in my day job too, and am cognizant that many of my readers could be anti-union, so in an effort to speak to my audience about our shared misery of infertility, I generally stay silent on elections and politics and all things NOT infertility. I used to be an environmental lawyer, but you won’t read much about climate change on my blog either. BUT…. my life, too, would be impacted by the policies that allow the government to protect my health. I was lucky enough to not go into bankruptcy when I had to make a heartbreaking choice for TFMR. I know too many women in that community who didn’t. It’s not fear mongering to say that access to reproductive health services in the states – which are already scant in wide-swaths of our country – will be even further limited.

        • I agree with you. And talking about issues or feelings and how outcomes would impact us is not telling people how to vote and not to think for themselves. It’s the latter with which I felt disconnected. I would not have voted for T.rump if I were in the US and eligible to vote but I also don’t think it’s my place to tell others they better vote a certain way, period.

  2. Agreed. I wish I could just move somewhere with less assh*les and more dignity. It’s a nightmare here and I’m afraid it won’t improve much after the election. “United we stand, divided we fall”… we are most definitely falling… XOXO

    • Yes it did. But he has been diagnosed with Stevens Johnson – very severe form of drug allergy – to the penicillin derivative antibiotic he took for the tooth. I’ve discovered you can order stainless steel medic alert bracelets for kids under 2!

  3. It’s a nightmare to be living it here in the US. The onslaught of tv ads, radio ads, and the garbage on social media not to mention the “news” is exhausting me. I am legitimately worried about what will happen on November 9th if the results go a certain way. This is the first time, since I’ve been of voting age, that I’ve felt that way and that I’ve felt so angry and worried about the future.

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