Parenting is hard

Trite. I know.

But it’s true. And isn’t truth the bedrock of all things trite?

I have never been more humbled by my failings, my oversights, my impatience, my every imperfection than I am as a parent.

Being a litigation lawyer with very demanding and difficult clients, weasel-like opposing lawyers and fallible adjudicators is easier than being a mom.

Hands down. Any day of the week.

And therein lies the beauty and the rub of this exquisitely challenging and amazing role.

That is all.


9 thoughts on “Parenting is hard

  1. Indeed it is. Hard and humbling and we entered it with tremendous gratitude we got the chance to do it. Can you imagine how much harder without our perspective??

    • And even still I came with a sense of tremendous gratitude. But the buttons that get pushed and the sense of utter failure reframe everything on bad days.then the good days come back and you would never question all the sacrifices you made to get there.

      • Totally agree. Just because it is so hard and sometimes rough I know it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it. I can just imagine that those who had babies easily aren’t as well equipt to weather the hard parts. I know I see that in my fertile friends sometimes.

  2. PREACH! And you’re an amazing woman and mother, of that I have no doubt seeing how unwaveringly you fought to bring both lives to this world and the depth of your love for those that await you in heaven. Your children will learn humility from your honesty, they will know forgiveness because they see you forgive yourself. They will learn to reach for their goals because they see you push yourself to be a better human in life, at work, in the home. And being a better human comes with accepting and embracing our imperfections because there is so much strength and beauty in those imperfections.

    • Thank you for those inspirational words dear friend. Now I aspire to be the woman you see in me! In part this post came about from my what a close friend is going through… having to make school changes for a child with learning disabilities and feeling like crap for not knowing and doing the best things for that child before the assessment revealed what it did. That is one of my fears about myself as a parent… and a reality I grapple with, the ways in which we let our kids down with ill guided “best intentions” infused with our own baggage… ugh. It’s so much to shoulder. And yet you are right – one of the best gifts we can give our children is our humility. I need to own my mistakes, disclose them and apologize when I screw up. My mom couldn’t do that when I was growing up and it hurt me deeply. But there it is – we are fallible and our kids can grow by seeing us acknowledge and love them through our mistakes and our ownership of them.

  3. You are one of the most loving, giving, and unselfish Mommas I know. You are an amazing mother to both those boys and you are too hard and judgemental of yourself. You are human ! Not a robot… not a God. Just enjoy the ride ! Even when we mess up, it’s all good and it is all love. You are a present parent. You envelop those children in love and allow them to see the big beautiful world around them through your eyes. You love them unconditionally and you are absolutely an amazing parent. Stop judging yourself and measuring yourself by unrealistic views of what parenting is. Just be there. Be present. Give your all. Do your best and do what is best for your family. That is all you can do. Xoxo

  4. How true. In 7 short months I’ve been challenged in a way I never have in the past. And experienced amazing happiness and gratitude.
    But I hope your boys appreciate you. All you have gone through that makes you unique as a parent, as we all have our own histories and baggage that inform all of our parenting choices – you may not be a perfect mother (none of us are) but you are perfect for them. xxx.

  5. It’s such a challenging space, isn’t it??
    It’s simultaneously brilliant and bewildering.
    And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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