Weird Dreams and Occasional Nightmares

To any of you who have had vivid dreams and or nightmares after giving birth… Does this torture stop? If so, how long did you experience it before it settled down after delivery?

Some background: Since my early twenties I have not usually remembered my dreams or known I had been dreaming when I awoke. The change from having memorable dreams to not knowing what, if or how often I had dreamt was deliberate. It was necessitated after I was in a motor vehicle accident that left me with a brain injury one effect of which was to flood me – day and night – with memories I had buried in far corners of my mind and not recalled since childhood — when Very Bad Things had happened. I learned with professional help after that accident to forget my dreams and more often to have no awareness that I had actually dreamed. I do not remember how we did it. 
During Azulito’s pregnancy I dreamt a great deal. I had the odd nightmare but most of the time the dreams were vivid and often weird but not unsettling. Weird vivid dreams were often one of the first symptoms of my lost pregnancies and of my two successful ones. I accepted them as par for the hormonal course. 

But the endless dreaming and more frequent nightmares I have encountered since baby Azulito was born in early June are wearing me out. I wake up more exhausted than when I go to bed even though this baby is a rather good sleeper and is not the direct cause for my lousy sleep. 

This morning I had a vivid dream that went on for ages and ended as a jarring and violent nightmare. I still feel unsettled and shaken. 

This cannot go on night after night. At least I do not know how I could possibly go back to work and function if these nightly trips to a wild and sometimes scary dreamland persist. Perhaps this is a new outlet for expressing my anxiety? The dreams are not about everyday things for the most part. They are of another realm or at least another life than the one I presently lead. 

Have any of you experienced this, whether as part of the post partum period or otherwise?  If so, what did you do to make it stop?